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Saturday, February 27, 2021

And All Those Deaths from the Wuhan Virus? Many Were Faked - Hospitals Were Paid Extra for Reporting Deaths from Coronavirus!

According to the CDC itself (who've been lying to us since the start of the "pandemic,") many deaths attributed to the Wuhan virus were actually from heart attacks, pneumonia, cancer, etc. Among patients described as "corona deaths" were those already in hospice care dying from a terminal disease. But hospitals, under the CARES ACT, were paid a 20% bonus for all so-called covid deaths, over 130,000 due to other causes. 

Nothing like a financial incentive to hype the panic! 

CDC head, Robert Redfield admitted to a Congressional committe last summer that the numbers were inflated and cited a study in Colorado showing that 12% of "Covid deaths" were from other causes. Dr. Brix admitted it as well. Anyone dying "with" a Covid positive test was reported as a Covid death. Check out the links and watch the video at One American News and realize, once again, that you are being played.

The Real Clear Politics article included this information:

Such expansive definitions are not due to rogue public health officials. The rules direct them to do this. “If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx recently noted.

Beyond including people with the virus who clearly didn’t die from it, the numbers are inflated by counting people who don’t even have the virus. New York has classified many cases as coronavirus deaths even when postmortem tests have been negative. The diagnosis can be based on symptoms, even though the symptoms are often similar to those of the seasonal flu.
The Centers for Disease Control guidance explicitly acknowledges the uncertainty that doctors can face when identifying the cause of death. When coronavirus cases are “suspected,” the agency counsels doctors that “it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate.” This advice has produced a predictable inflation in the numbers. When New York City’s death toll rose above 10,000 on April 21, the New York Times reported that the city included “3,700 additional people who were presumed to have died of the coronavirus but had never tested positive” – more than a 50% increase in the number of cases.

Calm down, everybody. If you are in good health with few underlying health conditions, you are not likely to die of the virus. In fact you have over a 99% chance of surviving and about 94% even if you are elderly. Stop listening to the mainstream media. They are playing you. And have you noticed how much the statistics have improved since Biden "won" the election? What a miracle worker! But you still have to mask, keep your kids home from school (The NEA loves teachers getting a long-term paid vacation!), and watch your small business be ground into dust.

It's time to nugget Chicken Little! 



elpine flower said...

Back in the eighties with the onset of HIV , we had patients who died from complications due to AIDS. BUT we did not list them as "secondary to...." Nope, the cause of death was listed as pneumonia etc..since the patient would be "stigmatized" as a homosexual.
Why? Because it was a politically protected disease.

Now the death certs read "covid sars 19" rather than pneumonia or heart failure.
Why? because it is a politically promoted disease.

elpine flower said...

Maryanne, you have to remember that they can always say that you test positive for covid after you are inoculated. traces have been found in the trachea and nose post inoculation and people shed the virus after they are inoculated. So the real stats on who catches the disease and possibly dies are skewed in a Nsg Home setting as they were in that convent. Two nuns died but all of them tested positive.
But yes, I agree that it always looked like a eugenic experiment.

elpine flower said...

Looks like we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

elpine flower said...

The Moderna Vaccine : Facts not Fiction

rohrbachs said...

And the buck stops here for all of this will be showing his face tomorrow. I would instead go for rand paul 2024, whose been consistently courageous about this and other items recently.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I like Rand Paul as well. It will be interesting to watch how things develop over the next four years...if we have a country left.

elpine flower said...

Yet another strange side effect from these experimental inoculations .

COVID Vaccine Reaction Can Mimic Breast Cancer Symptoms

Leo D. Lion said...

Mary Ann,
Thank you, thank you, thank you, at times I feel like an "island" in a sea of covid.. thank you for being that other person who thinks the same as I... What gets me pondering is that I visit my physician on a regular schedule and since all this covid started "not once did he offer me a vaccine jab." Nor does he give it out. And he injects my knees for chronic pain. So in fact I haven't heard of any physician in private practice administering the JAB.