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Monday, February 15, 2021

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! Election Integrity is Obsolete...

 ...and the assault on Texas is in high gear. Bring on all those undocumented Democrats! “Y’all come on in!” And if you bring the Wuhan virus with you all the better to kill off some of those deplorable Texas conservatives.

Read Robert Knight’s article:

Biden’s War on Texas is a War on America

The Democrats are at war with everyone outside of their elitist circles. They’ve turned the nation’s Capitol into a controlled war zone with their border fence complete with razor wire to make sure they can go about their dirty business without coming in contact with all the dirty masses of voters beneath their class.

Do you really think the “white supremacists” haunt the aisles of Lowes and eat at Cracker Barrel and shop at the Goodwill? No...they walk the halls of Congress, send their minority slaves servants to do their shopping, and eat at The French Laundry. The only “people of color” they associate with are those who belong to their elitist class or have positions of power and, of course, have the right political beliefs. 

So they will happily hobnob with Don Lemon, Maxine Waters, Juan Williams, Oprah Winfrey, etc. Don’t expect to see them grilling hot dogs and burgers with Joe Sixpack no matter what his color is. It’s a new day in D.C. and our imperial elite ain’t hobnobbing with the unwashed masses — except when election time comes around and they need a few photo ops. 

Christ came with a two-edged sword to separate truth from error. Division is what he brought and it is a good thing when it clearly identifies and divides good from evil. An evil administration sits in the White House and they will use executive orders and ram through legislation to guarantee they never lose another election. As we begin Lent on Wednesday let us work for unity among all truth tellers as we rise up against those who call good evil and evil good. We must always speak the truth in love, but speak the truth we must. Lord, give us the courage never to shrink from doing our duty beginning in our own families. And help us to have eyes wide open to see the good you are bringing out of this evil situation! 


elpine flower said...

Hey , don't forget Biden targeted Florida too !

elpine flower said...

It is ALL Communist inspired.