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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Are the Wuhan Virus and the Covid Vaccines Biological Weapons?

"We are in an unrestricted, unconventional war," and the Wuhan virus and COVID vaccine are among the weapons being used against us!

Former Navy surgeon: COVID-19 acts as perfect bioweapon aimed to ‘takedown’ America

Dr. Lee Merritt, MD
What if we were in an unconventional war with the perfect stealth bioweapon that could attack and kill your enemy in a way that was totally untraceable! That's what we are experiencing according to Dr. Lee Marritt. She is no conspiracy theorist. She is an expert with long experience in biological warfare. 

You absolutely need to listen to her explain what's happening with the Wuhan virus. The first generation of COVID was particularly virulent. It even killed many doctors and health care workers. But viruses mutate in order to stay alive, even man-made viruses. They can't survive if they kill all their victims. As the virus has changed, it is less dangerous and fewer people are dying. And even from the beginning IT WAS AND IS TREATABLE! 

Dr. Merrit points out that we make vaccines for diseases that have no treatment, like smallpox, not for diseases that can be treated, like COVID:
"We actually have a treatment for this that works extremely well. In spite of all the propaganda... and the attempts to dismiss anything they disagree with, we have treatment for this....Why would they hide treatment?....[money -- $69 billion vaccine industry].... It's much bigger than anything to do with Trump....Why don't they want you to know [about effective treatments]?....If we are at biowarfare right now as a part of this multi-dimensional warfare, if you have a treatment in your back pocket they cannot terrorize you with...viruses....The way they've made this experimental - it's really not a vaccine, but whatever this thing -- this RNA thing -- it doesn't prevent transmission by their own admission."
Dr. Merrit also describes how, under the Clinton administration no foreign students from non-allied countries could work in bio-labs even with less virulent pathogens. Under Obama, the Chinese communists were welcomed in to do research that could result in developing biological weapons, i.e., germ warfare. A "vaccine" is not the solution. Treatment and prevention are, particularly by improving the immune system. The biggest factor in who died vs. who survived was Vitamin D.

Read the article and pay special attention to the discussion of warnings about the vaccine's links to a second exposure that can cause the body to react with a super immune response that can lead to death. Dr. Mercola, using data from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discusses it in this article:
According to Kennedy, the same thing happened [super immune response] in 2014 with the dengue vaccine DENVax, which Fauci owns the patent on. “They knew from the clinical trials that there was a problem with paradoxical immune response,” Kennedy says, but they gave it to several hundred thousand Filipino kids anyway.

They got a great immune response from the vaccine, but those exposed to wild dengue got horribly sick and 600 of the children died. “Today, the Philippine government is prosecuting criminally a bunch of the people locally who were involved in that decision,” Kennedy says.

Do the research, people. Fauci and company are lying to you. They also are censoring life-saving information. Dr. Merritt says we are being deliberately denied informed consent. She points out that those who upload the warning inserts that come with medications, like Pfizer's and Moderna's (which aren't technically vaccines according to her), are being deplatformed on places like Facebook.  

If you want to take the vaccine, go for it; but at least do it with your eyes wide open. And realize that if you or your loved ones have a severe life-threatening reaction or even die, there is no recourse. Big Pharma is protected from any harm they cause! That says it all.


elpine flower said...

Excellent Interview for your discernment

badass bernie said...

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks to you both. I checked out the book, Bernie, and I'm going to order it. Sounds like exactly what we are facing. The first strategy in a battle is to know the enemy, especially when the enemy has taken over much of our government.