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Sunday, February 28, 2021

THIS was the Ciborium, then they threw it in the trash.

This paper plate bowl was used as a Ciborium. Hosts were consecrated in it and Holy Communion distributed from it, then after Mass it was thrown in the garbage. Horrified, I fished it out of the trash and the next day took it to my pastor to burn, along with the bag and tissue paper I had put it in. THIS is what leftist liberal modernist priests do - those who no longer believe in the Real Presence, if they ever did at all, that is. THIS sacrilege and utterly disgusting actions of an out-of-state priest have sent me flying into the arms of the SSPX in order to escape the horror of having to see Christ treated in such a degrading and shameful manner. The Mass was not celebrated in a diocesan church, or any church at all, nevertheless, my pastor, to whom I supplied all the pertinent information, has said that he will report it to the bishop. So we shall see. I did speak to the errant priest about this, although I did not tell him I had taken the "Ciborium" out of the trash.


elpine flower said...

We also flew into the SSPX back in the late nineties after our Melkite Catholic priest literally denied the Real Presence in a homily.
In tears I called a Melkite Archamandrite priest(RIP) friend in Front Royal with whom I had a decade plus long standing and very close friendship.
He spoke with his Bishop who removed the offending priest after discovering the same dressed as a woman for church dinners at another church thus, scandalizing the primarily older parishioners there who were exiting in droves.
In the SSPX parish we attended the pastor recommended that I teach at the Girls Camp.
It was there that by mingling with the staff I soon learned the Society had a big problem with children injured or having died at their camps and I also gleaned there was a pederast problem amongst some of the priests. In fact, we were told it was worse than in the mainstream modernist parishes.I recall receiving a brochure for the SSPX camp in Los Gatos ,CA. on which the registration required a signature that the parent absolve the SSPX of any responsibility for injury or DEATH.
The priest in charge, has since left after numerous accusations of sexual abuse.
Our own SSPX pastor also left the Society and some of the now young men ,including a Deacon informed us of his proclivities for adolescent males. He was a close friend of Fr Urrutigoity and Ensey, of the infamous St John Society in Scranton, PA.
Years later the SSPX "Angelus" printed a list of 'relics' from the personal collection of Fr Angles SSPX , that he left to their college ,St Mary's in Kansas. I sent the list along to my Byzantine priest Director and friend in Front Royal. He informed me that the claim that the skull of St Thomas More was possessed by Fr Angles was an outright lie along with most of his so called relics. Fr B gave me the address of the descendants of St More in the UK , and he told me to contact them immediately ,which I did. The relic list was removed from the Internet and a note of thanks from the family was sent to me.
We knew quite a few Catholics who joined the Society and later, left in disgust after discovering the lies and sexual offenders in their ranks.
Everything CMtv reported here was part and parcel of what we saw and experienced including from friends who visited the primarily SSPX town and some who moved there.
What looks smells and feels like Traditional Catholicism may not be quite what it appears especially when in their actual town the Kansas Bureau of Investigation has found such a large percentage of families have reported incest too. Do NOT be fooled
because we saw and heard the red flags in homilies praising Hitler and male dominance of women which was NOT Scriptural in the least but more homosexual and hateful in nature. Would Jesus Christ bar women and girls from the Confessional in favor of men and boys? We saw that also in the SSPX cult.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I haven't seen anything like this, even close, at our local mission. And the parents I know there wouldn't stand for it! My antenna are always up. Like my mom said, "Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe."

I have no doubt there are bad apples in the SSPX just as there are in the novus ordo parishes and in the Legionnaires and Opus Dei. The devil is particularly active against priests. I don't think you can paint an entire order with such a broad brush. Even the Jesuits who seem corrupt from the top down had/has holy priests.

elpine flower said...

Maryanne , you can if you point to the perverts who ran their seminary in Winona.
One graduating class alone under Williamson contained Urrutigoity and a string of perverted classmates who were later Ordained, who are afflicted with the same perverted propensities.
The Nazi affiliation blossomed from the Vichy Regime.Few if any, recognized it. ArchBishop LeFebvre was the Grand Master of the Knights de Chevalier de Notre Dame.His Order hid Nazis like Paul Touvier . In fact, he was arrested after forty years on the run hiding in an SSPX seminary in Nice . At his trial it was discovered they kept him going on a monthly stipend. See "The Statement"based on his life and trial.
Just like the Legionnaires and Opus Dei, Faithful Catholics are blind to the evil within. It IS well hidden under a cloak of being a Traditionalist holy group.
Freemasons do not start "Holy" clerical groups. See who consecrated LeFebvre a Bishop which the SSPX defend because two Bishops consecrate , they conveniently forget to mention that the same Rosecrucian Freemason ,Cardinal Leinart also ordained him a priest.
Yes Maryanne we paddled our canoe until we hit the rapids and saw and met too many families who hit the rocks in the rapids.

Susan Matthiesen said...

elpine flower, at least the SSPX, as far as I know, has never used a paper plate bowl for a Ciborium then thrown it in the trash. And, honestly, I cannot believe 95% of what you said in your comment. I need more proof than your hearsay.

elpine flower said...

We met a family who traveled to and stayed in St Mary's Kansas who related the exact same events to us.

"The Society of St. Pius X Gets Sick"
December 01, 1992/ Thomas W. Case

"Good holy priests" within the organization? Not really , because they were taught by the same unholy perverted Seminary Rectors.
we knew one family whose son became a priest in the SSPX. He regularly visited and ate dinner with local KNOWN homosexual pastor at a local RC parish.A friend who was the DRE asked her homosexual employer what he had in common with the young SSPX priest.
" More than you will ever know." , was the response he gave her. He is listed on Bishop Accountability but managed to slither out of trouble thanks to the Statute of Limitations.

elpine flower said...

Susan read what Church Militant reported and get a clue.

elpine flower said...

Susan I am not a liar.
I hope you can read the links I sent that prove what I have written is not just "hearsay". Mr Voris and especially Christine Niles have done an excellent job of covering the Society.
You and yours are like so many other sincere Catholics have fallen into these false "traditional catholic" groups.
You are in my prayers.

elpine flower said...

Susan , This is NOT just hearsay.
"KBI has received 205 reports, opened 120 cases in investigation into priest sex abuse"

Read more here:

elpine flower said...

MK, I beg to differ .Your antenna was not up years ago when I told you about the Regnum Christi and the legion. In fact, you did not believe then either and a mutual friend wrote to me not to feel offended because you had a relative in the RC.

Aqua said...

Mary Ann Kreitzer says: “My antenna are always up”.

It’s not hard to spot a pervert. Nor is it difficult to spot a holy, manly Priest.

I’ve seen more than a few fairies populating NO Parishes in my travels over the years.

I’ve seen nothing but holiness and male virtue in SSPX mission Parishes since I’ve made the switch. 100%. No doubt. And it carries over to Liturgy, Confession and Parish life among the Faithful.

Yeah, I see a lot of anger, hatred, directed from outside (usually just from other ‘Trad’ Catholics) against the SSPX. Weird. Yet, I was guilty of it also, before I knew anything about SSPX (kind of like my former Protestant bigotry against Catholicism and our Blessed Mother, now that I think of it). Then I researched the issues and the Order myself. What a shock! Nothing I’d heard about them matched the SSPX words themselves. At this point, knowing what I know now, most of these attacks just confirm for me SSPX possesses and transmits Truth, God.

Dixi cup Catholicism threatens no one and is embraced or just accepted by most inside and outside the Church. It is even, perhaps, the religion of the emerging one-world-government.

Traditional orthodox SSPX Catholicism inspires fear, envy, rage, conflict, war (Matt 10:34) in places and people that are surprising, shocking even .... while inside their walls I see peace that flows like a river. They held fast to orthodoxy when others unmoored after the V II disaster. And now they enjoy the fruit of that sacrifice by remaining still within the clarity and certainty of Sacred Traditions passed down for millenia.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

EF, I had and have absolutely no personal experience with Regnum Christi. I don't make judgments about organizations and individuals I have no contact with just based on someone's accusations. Why should I take your word for it? It's not a question of calling anyone a liar. My diocese has homosexuals and I"ve warned parents not to let their children have contact with certain priests. I don't paint every diocesan priest with a broad brush of sexual predator.

My son and sister-in-law had nothing but positive experiences with RC with their children. That was their experience not mine. I had nothing to base any judgement on.

I evaluate priests on a case by case basis. By your rationale, every order that has any problems should be thrown under the bus. Susan did not call you a liar. But every serious charge requires evidence. From what I've read St. Mary's had some serious problems. I've seen no indication of that, however, at either the Virginia seminary or our little local mission. And I will continue to attend there with a clear conscience and the direction of several priests I've consulted outside the SSPX.

elpine flower said...

What Susan posted sure sounds like she is calling me a liar.

MK as I recall you defended the LC and RC years ago. In fact , you sounded so harsh that our mutual friend wrote to me explaining that you ONLY heard good things from your relatives.
Ahh well, ALL the links I sent you including the personal testimonials from the abused and their families should at least tell both of you where there is smoke ,there may be a fire. Or are all the hundreds of them lying?
The SSPX modeled their Commando Youth groups for boys on the Hitler Youth. Parents of boys I knew in the society did their research after listening to their boys and actually going on the excursions led by these priests even AGAINST the wishes of the priest leader involved.
Your "canoe" analogy is better replaced with ,"You can fool some of the people all of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time"....especially when they have incense in their eyes.
I wager your "good priests" who advised you can go there Maryanne do not know that LeFebvre was Ordained by a Freemason , Cardinal Lienart. even the SSPX acknowledges that he was consecrated a Bishop by the same but they add that is why two Bishops consecrate . They forget to add that he Ordained him alone.
I understand you two are desperate. We were there. I have other friends who realized what the SSPX priests were really all about and they left too. It usually takes a little more than just attending Mass there.
But if that is all you want to know , God Bless.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

EF, all these comments have nothing to do with Susan's point about the dixie cup ciborium. You've turned the thread into a forum attacking the SSPX. You've also moved to personal insult.

I'm not posting any more of your comments on the SSPX. I've posted eight. I think that's enough

Sandra Elam said...

I visited an SSPX chapel for the first time to attend Mass in Virginia in fall 2020, after looking for an alternative to the Novus Ordo Virus Church with all their COVID cult restrictions. The Traditional Latin Mass was reverent and the priests, deacons, and parishioners seemed pious.

However, after Mass, alarm bells went off when the presiding SSPX priest spent WAY too much time "playfully" grabbing a preschooler girl, who kept avoiding him and hiding in her mother's skirts. I said to him, "I don't think she's interested in playing with you; she seems shy." And he answered, "Oh, she's not shy" and kept on grabbing her, while the girl's mother chatted unconcernedly.

I don't know whether anything nefarious was going on, but I just can't get that scene out of my mind. And I have not returned to the SSPX chapel since.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sandra, Have you ever seen inappropriate behavior by any other priest who is NOT in the SSPX? I have. Often! It is logical fallacy to jump from a single example to a generalization.

Dan said...

As a priest, I would have serious doubts about the validity of the Mass where those hosts were used. Any priest who treated communion in this way had no intention to offer the holy Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ. Without the proper intention, there was no Mass.

Tom A. said...

Seeing how Montini changed all the ordination rites in 1968, those hosts were most likely only bread anyway. The Novus Ordo religion no longer believes in Transubstantiation. Just look at how they do hand communion and have particles all over the place and people stepping on them.

Sandra Elam said...

I did not generalize. I said I did not want to go back to that SSPX chapel after seeing the presiding priest's behavior with the little girl. I have been in NO parishes where the presiding priest turned out to be a sex pervert, although I didn't know it at the time. But that was the only time I personally witnessed a priest bothering a little child.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sorry, Sandra, I misunderstood your point.

Aqua said...

Sandra Elam: The first time you ever attended an SSPX Mass, and the first time you ever met the Priest or anyone in the Parish including the little girl and her mother ... and alarm bells are going off because the Priest is acting ... normal? I do that sort of thing all.of.the.time. How could you possibly draw any moral inference whatsoever? The mother was right there - “chatting unconcernedly”. Was this family close friends with the Priest? I’ve had my former Priest over many, many, many times. Close friends, we were. Huge gatherings and small. Tons of kids, older to younger. Hung out on the deck. Played volleyball. Received blessings. Talked long into the night about theology and “convert” questions. Families and their kids *everywhere*. Sounds to me like the Priest here knows his flock and cares.

I have seen so very, very many accusations leveled at SSPX Priests like this one, yours, where a very serious charge is inferred ... pedo-molester (most likely, quite possibly, could be) and there is no evidence anything happened except a Priest and members of his flock were talking. After Mass. After meeting Jesus at the Altar and receiving Him (!).

This kind of thing has to stop. Don’t repeat salacious, unfounded charges against members of the Church, especially our Priests. If he did something wrong, confront him to his face, just as the Bible tells us to in regards to resolving conflict. If he committed a crime, involve proper legal authority. Don’t publish rumors and innuendo about criminal or *alleged* sinful or scandalous accusations as serious as this. If it’s true, go through the proper channels, just as the Bible tells us to, literally from cover to cover (OT/NT - the words of Jesus for instance Matt 18: 15-17). You drop this rumor as if it is true. It is not. Because we are all presumed innocent, absent proof.

Aqua said...

Sandra Elam: in regards to the girl “hiding under her mother’s skirts, I have a number of special needs kids who have a range of social maladies, sensory issues for example, autism. You never really know why the child is “hiding” ..... until you get to know the family, talk to the mother perhaps. My children, especially in large groups, act out in socially inappropriate ways, as they are unable to “process” like others do. I could easily see my child “hiding” and it is a known parental technique (used by friends also) to reach out and touch children who are sensitive and afraid or just overloaded due to a learning/social disability.

Who know? Likely the Priest does. And the mother. That’s the point.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Aqua, well said. We live in a time when people are all too eager to believe the worst of others. We would all do well to consider St. Francis de Sales advice to put the worst construction on our own actions and the best construction on the actions of others.

Leo D. Lion said...

In God we trust, all others pay cash.

Leo D. Lion said...

What? I'm almost 70 yrs old,, and I would also be hiding if he was grabbing at me... But hiding in the mother's skirt would be inappropriate.. I think?

Susan Matthiesen said...

This post really has nothing to do with the SSPX other than I am now going to Mass there. The post is about a NOVUS ORDO liberal order priest who used a Dixie cup bowl for a Ciborium then threw it in the trash. Like I said in my comment way above, no SSPX priest would ever do that.

However, if everyone wants to put down the SSPX, in their defense I want to say that at least SSPX priests are manly and HETEROSEXUAL and if they wander off their given path and have an affair, it's with a WOMAN. They are not sodomites having anal sex with men. And don't give me any examples of an SSPX priest being a sodomite, because for every one you mention I can give you 15 sodomite Novus Ordo priests - and that's just here in the Orlando diocese.

Unknown said...

"I did speak to the errant priest about this, although I did not tell him I had taken the "Ciborium" out of the trash." Well, why not? Any priest who uses paper plates as a Ciborium should be scolded and I can guarantee the bishop won't do any scolding. I wintered in FL for many years and never ran across an orthodox priest.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Well, not to worry. If the bishop does nothing, the priest will DEFINITELY know that I took the "Ciborium" and he will wish that only the bishop had scolded him.

I wasn't about to tell the priest that I took the "Ciborium" !! or that it would be burned (by my pastor) after I had taken a picture of it for proof. He could have demanded I turn it over to him saying that "he would take care of it". Then no proof would ever have existed. Never let the opposition know your battle plans.