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Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Science is in. Masks are Useless and in Some Cases Worse than Useless!

 And the studies are out there to prove it. Many studies show no difference in surgery whether doctors and health care providers or don't. In fact, in one study there were few complications when the operating staff did not mask up! Read the studies!

Unmasked: Revealing A Shocking Medical Truth

Did you know that after several children in China DIED after doing PE in school while masked, the Chines have banned masks during school exercise?

Students banned from wearing N95 masks in PE classes

Masks are particularly dangerous for cancer patients and can make people more susceptible to the virus. Follow the science, folks, like the "experts" always say. There's no evidence that masks will protect us from anything and they may very well MAKE US SICK! Masks are dangerous for everyone but especially "to cancer victims or those suffering from cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases in which low levels of oxygen can promote inflammation that leads to the spread of cancers as well as to heart attacks and strokes."

Unmasking the Dangers of Face Masks

We all need to stop listening to the mainstream media with their endless string of lies. The masking and lockdowns are about generating fear! When people like Bill Gates are presented as experts on vaccines and pandemics you know something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Stop listening and DO THE RESEARCH!


elpine flower said...

Sorry MK, I still stand by the theory that masks do make a
Viruses can penetrate a mask BUT in most cases ride along a mucous globule or piece of dust which can be prevented by a mask. It just makes sense to me that it is just another layer of protection,as per watching many videos during Orientations for healthcare jobs.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I appreciate your opinion, EF, but scientists disagree on this and each of us has to do the best to make an informed decision for ourselves. I have no problem with anyone who wants to wear a mask. I won't unless I absolutely have to -- like flying to Texas for my granddaughter's wedding and being in public places on the autotrain coming back to Virginia from Florida. I booked a roomette on the train to avoid having to wear a mask for 13 or 14 hours.

There are so many factors involved including the psychological damage to children. Babies learn to relate to others by seeing faces. What is mask wearing doing to the littlest ones? Particularly those who have problems and end up in the neonatal ICU. Not only do they not see the faces of their medical caregivers, but even their parents are denied face to face contact. This paper discusses the issues related to bonding. And that is only one consideration.

One thing that particularly makes me leery about masks is the fact that some doctors (again, the "experts" disagree) say that masking can weaken the immune system. Since I have an autoimmune disease, I'm not about to wear one.

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

elpine flower said...

Yep, we will Marianne.
I KNOW for certain my mask protected me in the hospital from some very contagious patients.
May God Bless and protect us all who TRUST in Him!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think a hospital setting is a little different. My sister tested positive for mrsa when she was in the hospital and we had to suit up to visit her, although a nurse friend said she didn't necessarily have it. (That was before the Wuhan virus; now we couldn't visit at all.) And, yes, may God bless and protect us all who trust in Him. We certainly agree on that.

Lauraelaina said...

I know masks are making my breathing worse and causing congestion. All day at the job masked is dangerous.

Steve Schneider said...

The superstition of the mask. A lot of things "make a difference."
For example, you could simply stop breathing when you pass by someone. Makes sense, right?