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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Horror in Afghanistan: If You Voted for Biden, You Own It!

It's happening half a world away from our shores. How easy it is to close our eyes and say, "It isn't my family; it doesn't affect me." No?

I'm angry! 

I listened to a mom's radio interview this morning. 

Kathy McCollum, mom of Rylee McCollum, a 20-year old marine killed in the terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul, shared her heart-rending story of two marines coming to her door at 4:00 a.m. saying her son was dead. And for what? "He died for nothing."

Oh, he died for something all right. He died so China could get Afghanistan's wealth and the military secrets from all the equipment left behind. But that's not the worst of what's "left behind." Hundreds of Americans are stranded in the country after the last military transport left.

The Biden administration enabled this. They actually consulted with the Taliban about the "safe exit" of our people ten days before the terrorist attack at the airport. Because, of course, we all know that terrorists are trustworthy. That's no doubt why the Biden administration gave the Taliban a list of Americans in the country, basically a "kill list." Thanks, Joe, for one more atrocity.

But my message today is not  primarily about the evil and feckless Biden administration. It's to all the Catholics who OWN what's happening.

If you voted for Joe Biden, get ye to a confessional! A man who champions the murder of babies in the womb couldn't care less about the lives of young military personnel who are nothing but cannon fodder and expendable. It's time to get real and acknowledge your own responsibility for the evil.

You own it! You own:

  • ...the murder of the thirteen Americans killed in the Kabul terrorist attack,
  • ...the terrorists entering the country as "refugees" from Afghanistan and as illegal aliens pouring into the country on our southern border,
  • ...the spreading of the Wuhan virus as illegals with it are transported throughout the country,
  • ...the expansion of the gruesome killing of innocent babies in the womb waiting to be born,
  • ...the next terrorist attack on our shores,
  • ...the massive transfer of military information to our enemies including China,
  • ...the murder of Afghan christians and those who supported us as the Taliban goes house to house and executes them,
  • ...all of the terror of the Americans stranded in a country ruled by terrorists and the Christians of Afghanistan targeted by the Mohammedans.
You own it all! Look at your own children and imagine if these things were happening to you and your family. Your vote made all these evils and others possible. The Democrats are diabolical. There are plenty of Republicans who share in their evil, but the Democrat party is so diabolical and committed to evil that to pull the lever for a Democrat is grievously sinful. 

If you haven't already repented, get ye to a confessional today! 


rohrbachs said...

Democrats owned the confederacy, him crow and segregation also, until some republicans offered to hold the bag for them.

turkeyridge said...

My sentiments exactly! My only question in The God That Failed: Was it Moses's fault the people made the Golden Calf, with the help of Moses's own Aaron, while he left them alone to spend time with God? Was it God's fault for creating this monstrous people in the first place? How about the leaderless people themselves? And the second half of my question is: Have things changed any in thousands of years?

James Madison's famous line in notes on the U. S. Constitution: "If men were angels, we wouldn't need government." Aha! Here's the conundrum: If men were angels we could TRUST them with government! We (they) are not, and no, we cannot!

Me? I am still trying to not despise those who voted for Obama, our first illegal alien president! My greatest fear? In our now Godless, evil country---a "conservative bloodbath" worse that the French Revolution's Reign of Terror! Anyone who looks like a liberal (and, I swear, I can spot a liberal 75 percent of the time by their looks) will get ripped to shreds by angry mobs of right wingers like me!

God love you
Mike Smith
Behind enemy lines in the former Commonwealth, now Communist, Virginia