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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Please tell me what a woman is! (No, Alyssa, not you)

Matt Walsh: (speaking to a woman who thinks she's a man) What's wrong with this left-wing gender ideology is that no one who espouses it can even tell you what these words mean. For instance, what is a woman? Can you tell me what a woman is?

Trans activist: No, I can't. Because it isn't for me to say. Womanhood looks different for everybody.

Matt Walsh: (speaking to a long-haired man with a beard and pointy fingernails, dressed in high-heels and wearing make-up but who says he doesn't identify as a woman) What you want to do is appropriate women, appropriate womanhood, and turn it into a costume that can be worn.

Then various activists - all biological women - when asked what a woman is, answer: 

1) "A woman is anyone who identifies themselves as a woman."
2) "A woman is someone who identifies as a woman."
3) "It's who you identify as."
4) "When you feel you're a woman, then you're a woman."
5) "A woman is someone who has decided that they feel like a woman."
...and my favorite...
6) "If you identify as a woman and you feel, that like, in your soul and in your mind you're a woman, then that makes you a woman."

These women are liberal Marxist leftist millennials therefore too intellectually deficient to be able to understand that what they say devalues themselves as women. In their above statements they have lowered their nature to basically nothing, since they're unable to explain what they themselves are. 

They're only a feeling! Therefore do we now have an 8th category of basic feelings? In addition to anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise and contempt we now add woman?

If a person, thing or object has no concrete scientific definition, but is only a feeling or a thought then it doesn't exist in the material world. It wouldn't leave so much as a shadow on the pavement. Do these millennials walk out in the sunlight, see their shadow and ask themselves, "My goodness. What is that? Why, it seems to be me. But that can't be since I'm only a feeling. How very odd."

This is what Satan has done to women and today's feminists thinks it's fine that any person can be a woman if they merely think or feel they are. But then we have a man in the White House thinking he's the President, another man in the Vatican thinking he's Pope, and Alyssa Milano out there in Hollywood thinking she's an actress. Her latest movie, Brazen, where she poses as a dominatrix, was practically porn. Forever in the future when I see Alyssa Milano lecturing Americans on left-wing politics, in my mind's eye she'll be adorned in her tight black leather bodice, heaving chest spilling out while snapping that whip in her hand, yelling, "You like that?! How about this?!" 

That's Alyssa being a woman.

New question to send Matt Walsh:
Matt Walsh: Alyssa, what is a woman?
Alyssa: Me! Dominatrix! 

PS - Yes I watched that mindless movie, then I watched The Unforgivable with Sandra Bullock. There's a vast difference between the acting abilities of those two women. One thinks she's an actress. The other is an actress. 


Mary Ann said...

And then there are those who think they’re animals. So…if you feel like a chicken and can give a convincing cluck are you a chicken?

Laura Vettoretti said...

I have an enormous amount of respect for Matt Walsh. He stands firmly behind Church teaching and never backs down from a fight. When the 2 individuals he appeared with claimed severe trauma and nightmares after the airing of the episode, Matt explained the hatred he encounters every day against him (and his family), but that he sleeps soundly knowing he is on the side of The Truth. He is a present day John the Baptist... constantly crying out for the unborn and for the safety of children against the cultural rot. May God protect him and keep him faithful.

Aqua said...

When I see things like this, I immediately recall the collapse of the RCC. We should have a glorious Pope and Bishops throughout the world, united with him, saying The Holy Sacrifice of the Tridentine Mass, and then speaking with one voice the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ that redeems mankind from the deceptions and evil of Satan to the light, love and Truth of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We CAN know Truth. We CAN be happy and at peace. We can be unified, under God, among all nations and in all our created diversity. Convert, repent and believe and be saved from this body of death.

But we don't have that, do we?

We "opened up the doors of Holy Mother Church" to the world and all the world's influences. It is WE who were converted to the world and it's sinful ways to which we called ourselves "relevant". We think we tried something new, but instead we merely followed in the footsteps of every other generation who lost their way and turned their backs on God.

Lost, we are, save for a few brave voices crying in the wilderness. The Bishops are united, it in declaration of the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but in affirmation of the godless, pagan insanity we see here. If you can't even define what a woman is, then what hope of common language and shared culture is left?

The only hope the world has is to convert the Roman Catholic Church, her Pope, Bishops, Priests and assembled Faithful to the eternal Catholic Magisterium and Sacred Tradition and to the ancient Liturgies in which we find Jesus on the Cross at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of Pope St. Pius V. ALL must be converted. We must "go to the peripheries" of the Church and convert our members back to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. We are lost, in need of conversion, so what chance does the world have of conversion and salvation from their sins?

This is going to get much worse, before it gets better, but we MUST convert within before we evangelize without. The age of Aquarius must come to an end. Put Vatican II in its proper place - much of it must go in the trash bin; some of it can be retained within the Magisterium. Rediscover ancient truths and find there Jesus Christ who is the only hope of conversion of sinners who need Him.

Evangeline said...

Once again I'm with Aqua. For a long time we have wondered which side is going to "win". We know Jesus wins ultimately, but between now and then is a span of time in which it appears we are at a disadvantage. The world is indeed lost. There are many serious Christians, and the dear old ladies and gents praying the Rosary each day are probably keeping the world turning, but, anyone can see the increasing evil, it gets worse exponentially, each day.
We cling to the Roman Rite. The mainstream Church, even though there are faithful priests within it, is dead. You can hardly be faithful when the head is rotted. Rome is rotted. This pope is rotted. The magisterium is rotted. The hierarchy is rotted. Most of the bishops, perhaps 95%, are rotted. How can this rot produce good fruit? It can't.

But the Roman Rite, the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the Traditional Latin Rite, the TLM, still worships God properly, and the people are finding it, and must find it, if they want to also worship God as God himself created it. It has existed for almost 2000 years. Come find it. Look up your state and Traditional Latin Rite and find the Holy Mass. In this corrupt and dying world, you can experience an hour a week of heaven here on earth. If it is far, go once per month or when you can. Go to confession before you go. Be prepared to kneel to receive the Holy Eucharist. Do not worry about the Latin at all. Do not worry about responses. You can be perfectly silent and no one cares or notices. But do come. What is an hour a week of peace and God's company, worth to you. You are wanted, at the TLM. As a fellow Catholic, this is just as much your heritage as any other Catholics, and you are definitely wanted there. Escape the madness for an hour.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We’ll put, Evangeline. Thank you.