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Monday, January 10, 2022

The Pope of Intrinsic Evil Strikes Again!

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Pope Francis hates the faithful who attend the Latin Mass. Who does he love and praise? LGBT activists who endorse sodomy and abortionists who murder the unborn. Oh...and pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

The article linked above is only a continuation of Francis' support for those advocating sodomy, one of the sins that cries to heaven for vengeance. He's good buddies with enemy of the faith and heretic, "Fr." James Martin as well as pro-abortion, pro-depopulation elitist, Jeffrey Sachs. (I'm curious, does the intention to engage in or support homosexuality pose an impediment to ordination like the intention to be unfaithful in marriage or deny children invalidates the sacrament of marriage?)

Pope Francis Supports Infamous LGBTQ-Touting Fr. James Martin in Handwritten Letter

And then there's Francis' support for abortionists and abortion promoters. He loves them soooo much and never tires of praising them.

Not only that, he's been busy as a hiveful of worker bees damaging the faith, creating for himself a very weighty millstone. Since faith is necessary to get into heaven, his actions undermining the faith may earn him a very deep spot in the abyss if he doesn't repent! How many Catholics does he drag with him toward Gehenna?

What's left for this evil man? The rumor is that he's dying. And still, he looks on the fires of hell and appears to have no fear of God or judgment. I'm not sure whether to pray for him after the first reading at daily Mass on Saturday by St. John who says he doesn't ask for the flock to pray for those in "deadly sin." Francis is certainly guilty of "deadly sin" that calls to heaven for vengeance. 

I feel sorry for him, poor man. I'll ask little Jacinta to pray for him since she had such a heart for poor sinners. 

And so, I leave Francis to God. May some holy priest, like the one in Michael O'Brien's novel (I can't remember which one.) who never gives up on the bitter homosexual and finally brings him to repentance as he's dying. And he dies in the grace of God with the name of Jesus on His lips. 


Aqua said...

Remember the central event that led to the transition of power from Pope Benedict XVI to Jorge Bergoglio? Pope Benedict was investigating the liberal Nuns LCWR for heterodoxy and heretical departures.

Read the Vatican's Doctrinal Assessment, issued April 18, 2012:

My former Archbishop Sartain led the Apostolic Visitation, investigating this large body of detailed heterodoxy and alleged heresy infesting the LCWR, beginning Aug 2012, just six months before the end of Benedict's visible reign. But .... in the middle of this inquiry, which was not going well for LCWR, Pope Benedict resigned his Ministerium and gave governance of the Church to another. Which gave us Bergoglio, elected Bishop of Rome March 13, 2013. One of his first official meetings was with the leadership of LCWR, April 15, 2013. Shortly thereafter, Arbp Sartain announced the premature end of his inquiry. His findings were released in 2015. They are summarized in this paragraph from Crux:

"In the end, the 5,000-word report was more largely a hymn of praise for the nuns, without any disciplinary measure or new controls. Among other things, the document paid tribute to American nuns for “selflessly tending to the spiritual, moral, educational, physical and social needs of countless individuals.”

The entire content of the previous Vatican report of serious concerns disappeared and re-formed - summarized as "selflessly tending to the spiritual, moral, educational, physical and social needs of countless individuals.”

July 11, 2013 the persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception began under Fr. Volpi who,dissolved their General Council. One month later, he prohibited their saying the Latin Mass.

And so ... under this strange man, Bergoglio, heterodoxy has been redefined within the Catholic Church. The Vatican concerns of before, outlined in the 2012 Doctrinal Assessment, are replaced with the new concerns outlined in Traditionis Custodis (Guardians Against Tradition). Prior concerns of heterodoxy and heresy are now enshrined as "dogma". Prior Dogma is now confirmed as heterodoxy and heresy. The movement toward enshrined heterodoxy and heresy has been immediate, forceful, accelerating and aggressive.

The Church was built on the Rock of Peter, by the direct Word of Our Lord. The Rock has been objectively transformed without reference to Magisterial authority or Dogmatic permissions. There is no such thing as retired Emeritus Pope in an "expanded Petrine Ministry, forever changed". Yet - we have it now, at the source of this spiritual nuclear explosion in our Dogmatic midst.

It will not end until we make it end, or until God intervenes directly with His Angels in an act of Divine Judgement against His faithless Church. The movement away from God, at our heart, began immediately, quantifiably, and it accelerates to its knowable and disastrous conclusion.

Mary Anne said...

Yet I wonder why people rather have pets as "children"... Pope Francis made comments about people like that...wonder how we arrived there....