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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Church Militant needs an anatomy lesson

Anatomy 101:
(a) the neck is above the chest
(b) the neck is not the chest
(c) the chest is below the neck and therefore not the same thing

Each time Church Militant says "based on Church Militant investigators" I laugh. I laugh because even when the evidence was written on paper in black and white, and even when the victim/whistleblower, while being filmed in an interview, told and even demonstrated what happened, Church Militant in general, and Christine Niles in particular, told a lie an "inaccuracy"- you know, because a lie "specific error" is more sensational than the truth. 

As the planet knows by now, Church Militant produced another of their Spotlight videos - this time on the Wyoming Carmelite Monastery. Christine Niles interviewed Augustine Inferrera, who has tried out more than one monastic order and apparently found them all lacking. 

It struck me that Church Militant said something entirely different than what the victim said, and likewise different from what both the victim and Church Militant presented in the dossier on the victim's own blog and Church Militant's website. For presenting the truth, Church Militant's moderator, Simon Rafe, summarily banned me from commenting on their site. This is even after Rafe said, "We don't mind legitimate criticism of our work, e.g., if there is an inaccuracy, then cite the specific error and we'll correct it." After that he told another lie "inaccuracy" of which there is no evidence.

After notifying them of their "inaccuracy" by citing their "specific error", I checked the video several times to see if Church Militant, as stated, corrected themselves however their "specific error" remains at 5:35 on the video. This is fortunate in that you can see Nile's "inaccuracy" for yourself. If there's one intentional "inaccuracy" or "specific error" in reporting at all, an entire story comes under suspicion of being sensationalized in order to sway the audience toward a certain pre-determined outcome. Think of it like this: If you have a bowl of clear water and intentionally put one drop of red food coloring into it, the entire bowl of water becomes red....or at least suspiciously pink.

Augustine Inferrera states that Brother Joseph "takes his trowel and he jabs it into my chest" (5:48 on the video). He demonstrates his words by thumping himself on his chest. Christine Niles says that Brother Joseph  "stuck a sharp tool in his (Augustine's) neck." Saying that Brother Joseph stuck a sharp tool in Augustine's neck instead of his chest makes Brother Joseph's act sound more sensational, more shocking, even deadly since the carotid artery is there. Since Church Militant prides themselves on "hard-hitting truth where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed" I thought exposing one of their own falsehoods would be beneficial, charitable even, so they wouldn't become trapped in a vortex of their own lies inaccuracies and specific errors.

Apparently Church Militant posts only "attaboy" comments because their response to me was: 

Your paranoid line of questioning led to deletion of your comment originally. However, we will keep it up here to show the conspiracy theories people raise in their attempts to dismiss whistleblowers and Church Militant investigations. To answer your question: The trowel was stuck in the chest area around the base of his neck.

"Paranoid"? "Conspiracy theories"? And "stuck a sharp tool in his neck" or "the chest area around the base of his neck"? Augustine doesn't say that. The dossier doesn't say that. The police report doesn't say that. I was merely pointing this out, as Church Militant wanted people to do. I'm helpful like that!

HUMAN ANATOMY 101: The neck is between our head and shoulders. At the base of our neck is the thyroid. The chest area contains the heart. When Jesus points to His Sacred Heart, he points to his chest. He doesn't point to his neck or to the base of his neck, which on a normal man is about 10 inches above the chest area, and say that His Sacred Heart is there because it isn't. The neck and chest are two separate parts of the body. This isn't difficult to understand.


Clare said...

This attack particularly annoys me as my brother is in Carmel. He would say exactly what the commenter “Nick” has said on their website.
Augustine comes off as a whining twerp who has a bone to pick, and perhaps a misguided idea of monastic life. He seems to want monastic life to work to his expectations and not the other way round.
It exposes to me just how unreliable CM are. I can’t believe they’d go after such a good monastery, clearly without knowing much about Carmelite spirituality.
Rant over.

Clare said...

Augustin sounds like a bit of a twerp. He comes across as wanting monastic life to suit him, and not him learning the monastic life, Carmelite-style, while the monks are busy building themselves (and all the future monks for the next 500 years their permanent home). While supporting themselves by making good coffee, making good packaging and doing good marketing. And training up the choir monks so they have more priests for their growing community.
CM have exposed themselves to me as want sensationalism more than facts. Their refusal to back down or refute claims is actually very unprofessional.
Well done to “Nick” on the CM website for telling up so well what life in carmel is actually about.
My Brother is a fully professed choir monk in that Carmel. He’d say the same.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Church Militant's idea of "investigating" involves presenting one side of an issue that agrees with their narrative and not looking for any dissenting views. Where were the interviews with young men who visited the monastery, but decided after discernment that they were not called to that life? Couldn't they find any? The police report included the officer describing his visit to the monastery and finding a room where 14 of the 20 monks were gathered. He asked them about the accusations and none agreed. He also saw the schedule in the kitchen which did not match the accusations about working ten hour days (as if that's a crime in any case, monastic life is not a picnic!).

CM operates like the tabloids with sensational headlines and biased, even false, reporting. This is not the first time Christine has exaggerated/falsified/lied in her crackerjack investigations. They present it all in a slick, docu-drama style using photos and music meant to bypass the intellect and engage the feelings. They are not "investigating;" they are propagandizing. And I have to laugh when a group headed by a homosexual that hired another prominent homosexual is busy accusing others of homosexuality. I'm grateful for anyone who repents of sexual sin and reforms his life, but a characteristic of homosexuals is the desire for attention and adulation. Those earmarks are all over Church Militant. Just look at the schedule for their upcoming "retreat" where, once again, Mike Voris gives most of the lectures. Really? That's a "retreat."

CM simply cannot be trusted! Which is why Susan and I began documenting their exaggerations/lies and use of non-credible "whistleblowers"in their propagandizing. They do some good work, but it's overshadowed by their muckraking sleaze.

Tom said...

Another anatomical lesson could be used: Asking someone sitting on the arm of a chair, "Don't you know arse from your elbow?

Elizanna said...

Another "inaccuracy" by CM is their reference saying "read a Carmelite nun's letter to the bishop of Cheyenne. The aforementioned "Carmelite NUN" is an EX nun - left the Carmelites after 33 years to go it alone. She is starting her own religious order but is still a lay person and uses the title "Sister" in quotes. Seems somewhat suspicious to me.
See her website

Oh, and she thinks Medjugorje is credible.

Sancte Alphonsus said...

Clare, so is bathing naked together and giving counsel in their underwear, one on one, part of their spirituality?

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sancte Alphonsus, Just like Church Militant gets body parts mixed up, you seem to get the process of washing ourselves mixed up. The use of proper terminology just cannot be that hard.

"Bathing" means sitting in a bathtub filled with water. "Showering" means to stand under water that flows out of a pipe suspended above our head.

I'd have to watch the video again to see if Niles says "bathing" instead of "showering" but it is my understanding, per Nick on CM's comment section, that the monks shower with curtains in between each shower.

However, nevertheless, I doubt they all sit in one large hot tub together to wash themselves.

JKE said...

IF the allegations in the video are true, this monastery needs a thorough cleansing. However, because of CM’s rabidly biased and distorted reporting against the SSPX, Church Militant has little credibility when it comes to those they perceive as traditionalists. They really despise those whom they perceive as traditionalists. Hence the bias in this latest video is there from the very beginning with their insertion of the spooky music and other manipulative editing tricks.

On the other hand, it may all be true, or at least some of it, since the monastery is yoked with the Novus Ordo Antichurch rather than the actual Catholic Church.

Aqua said...

Gaslighting Official Def: "manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity."

Gaslighting Urban Dictionary Expanded Def: "A form of intimidation or psychological abuse, sometimes called Ambient Abuse where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and quite often, their sanity. The classic example of gaslighting is to switch something around on someone that you know they're sure to notice, but then deny knowing anything about it, and to explain that they "must be imagining things" when they challenge these changes.

A more psychological definition of gaslighting is "an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information to, the victim - having the gradual effect of making them anxious, confused, and less able to trust their own memory and perception.
Your spouse begins telling you things that never really happened. For instance, he says that last week he told you he was going to go to the bar with his buddies this Monday night, but you never remember him telling you that.

Or maybe your boss gets angry because you didn't prepare the report he asked you to. When you remind him that he usually prepares that particular report, he snaps that he told you to take care of it a few days ago because he was too busy. However, you know he never asked you to do so.

Both of these could be considered gaslighting."

- End Def -

Lucifer was the original "Gaslighter" ("Did God really say ... "; I'm sure there was much more Gaslighting to cause the fall of the human race than the recorded sentences).

Best not converse with Gaslighters. They are everywhere, in these days. Identify and avoid.

James said...

With this report from Church Militant it has consigned itself to nothing more than the National Inquirer of Roman Catholicism. Inaccurate, mean spirited, vicious and vindictive. It was simply astonishing to witness this obviously insecure young man bewail the "injustices" and "grooming" he says he endured that any well adapted young man would have not noticed.
One could go on at length critiquing the inadequacy of the production. After having a dozen of my comments deleted there I left with their passive/aggressive slap in the face rather convinced that Inferrera is anything other than seriously insecure, not credible in the slightest, that his disappointment in himself has metamorphosized into a vendetta in search of a lawsuit, supported by his daddy.
Clare, above, cites the commenter there "Nick." There is the credible voice.

James said...

Clare above says the plain truth. I too was very impressed by Nick's testamony. Church Militant has once again exposed itself for being criminally self-serving and vindictive. The Inferrera accusations are in place to conceal the insecurities of an overly protected man-child who is a dissapointment to himself. Challenged and unable to meet the mark he lashes out with the support of his daddy. There is vendetta here, the lawsuit far behind?

Unknown said...

Re: Medjugorje
So does the Vatican's official Investigation- see "Ruini Report."

what said...

I personally know Fr. Daniel Mary of Jesus Crucified, and I can tell you right now that the insinuations of permitting homosexuality or sexual perversion of ANY KIND in his community which Church Militant and Augustine Ferrara HAVE DONE DEFINITIVELY are absolutely baseless


COMPLETELY CONTRARY TO THE MIND OF FR. DANIEL. This is coming from someone who is in a position to know Fr. Daniel's explicit mind and formal policy on this subject, and I would give sworn and detailed testimony to it.

Ferrara and CM are treading on a THIN ICE above the pit in Hell reserved for the slanderers and the calumniators...

Someone please convey this message to them directly if it is at all possible.

I wish them luck at their particular judgments if they never reverse PUBLICLY what they have insinuated about Fr. Daniel...

Sancte Alphonsus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Bones said...

Though I certainly don't think monks should bathe together, footballers do it every week (or used to in the olden days), drinking beers and celebrating victory.

Prayerful said...

The diocesan ordinary does not. Although bishops have been degraded since V2, alleged visions still need approval of the local ordinary. All the Vatican said is that people can go on diocesan pilgrimages which has happened anyhow, V2 stuff. There's still no approved miracle. Pope Francis said Our Lady doesn't send regular telegrams, expressing some doubt.

Prayerful said...

A former SSPX priest with a YouTube channel 'Judas Project' now living in Mexico, became very wary after interacting with Mrs Niles who was sniffing for a whistleblower.

CM are a shameful outfit, but always were that.

Elizanna said...

And you, Unknown," apparently find this Vatican credible? Really?
It's just one heresy after another from them and so-called pope Bergolio.
I just don't trust an apparition that giggles like a teenager, almost drops the infant Jesus, and says that in God's eyes all religions are the same. Oh yeah, that's Catholic! Let's be honest; Medjugorje is a money maker, so they'll keep it going as long as they can.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Everyone should buy more Mystic Monk Coffee -
The monks probably lost some business because of Inferrera and Niles, Church Militant et al so let's build it back (better!) for them.

Al Schroeder said...

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw Voris and his wacky sidekick Niles going after the Mystic Monk coffee carmelites. Were they getting bored attacking the SSPX? ENOUGH ALREADY!! What are they trying to become the National Enquirer of the Catholic Biosphere? Eccles did a great lampoon the the CM gang. Its really a hoot, you need to read it!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Ben Carter is terrific. He has a whole series on YouTube. Here's the link.