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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Was this Chicago Christmas "Mass" Valid, Cardinal Cupich? Is Fr. Pfleger in Good Standing?

I heard about this disgraceful blasphemy, but had avoided watching it. After a friend sent me the video with her comments, I bit the bullet, prayed the St. Michael prayer, and pressed the play button. 

Words fail me. Make the sign of the cross as an act of repentance before you watch.

I'll put my friend's email below the video and then my own comments to follow. 

Mary Ann,

I'm sharing this for you to consider posting. Many, myself included, think the clown masses are a thing of the past. I was stunned at this video in which the most outrageous behavior is played out as a modern Catholic approach to worship.

It struck me clearly as an effort to make people feel good as they would at a rally or a sporting event. I was also shocked at the unscripted variances from the liturgy thrown in by the priest to put political issues front and center, leaving out any form of reverence, fear of the Almighty, and unity to the one true church. It says here in this place we come to worship ourselves, our style, our culture, our dreams, our desires and passions, our demands, our visions of tomorrow.

I'm currently reading Anthony Esolen's book, In the Beginning Was the Word. In chapter 13 he says: 
"The independent man is fiction. St. Paul says, 'Ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. Being then made free from sin, ye became servants of righteousness' (Roman's 6:17-18). That deliverance is ours through Christ, in Christ. We cannot will it on our own. We can surrender to it by grace.
When I saw this video, I thought of this quote and it reminded me that in all we do we are a slave to a master, Satan or God. And, clearly the madness in this video was never intended to pay tribute, honor and reverence to God. It makes me cringe to know such abomination still goes on and people flock to it telling themselves they are Catholics. I find it very very difficult to believe that any transubstantiation takes place under those conditions.

Cupich allows this and cancels Latin mass of ages? He will answer for this one day.

Name redacted

Fr. Michael Pfleger is a sick, sick soul who is leading his flock to perdition. St. Sabina's is a sick, sick parish -- no surprise with a "shepherd" like that! When you consider all the good priests sent off to St. Luke's for "being too rigid," you have to ask what bishop in his right mind would allow this mockery of Christ in his diocese unless he shares the same sick soul? St. Sabina's is a literal hell hole. This is the church that welcomed anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader to speak and promotes sodomy and gay activism. Was the Christmas Eve Mass even valid? I have my doubts. But who cares? A good time was had by all as they worshiped each other as the light bearers. 

The smoke of Satan has indeed entered the sanctuary and at St. Sabina's he is clearly running the "show." 


Aqua said...

Traditionis Custodes (Guardians Against Tradition) revealed one simple, central fact, insisted upon by its author Bergoglio: the New Mass and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are two different and incompatible things; they cannot share the same space; one must stay, the other must go. The Guardians Of Innovation (Innovatio Custodes) will never tolerate ancient Tradition and Dogmas - constant change and innovation is the new Dogma; the only certainty is there is nothing certain.

The old paradigm of organic development of two forms but the same Mass - one with pride of place, the other relegated to obscure ghettos is now over. The new paradigm, insisted upon by the Bishop of Rome, is that the Mass of Ages of Pope St Pius V and the Council of Trent cannot share theological space with the New Mass of Vatican II. They are each of a different religion and coexistence within the RCC is not possible between them.

I agree.

It is time the Mass of Ages, which with reverence and awe re-presents the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus resumes its proper position within every Church everywhere, now as ever. Let the New Mass fade into obscurity and shameful memory. Let the restoration of the Mass of Ages begin.

Susan Matthiesen said...

It's clear that the priest himself at St Sabina's doesn't acknowledge what he does is a "Mass" since all "Masses" at St Sabina's are listed in the bulletin as WORSHIP SERVICES which is a protestant form of worship.

What he did was not a Christmas Eve MASS; it was a Christmas Eve WORSHIP SERVICE and described as such in the bulletin. Fr Pfleger knows what he's doing is not Catholic and states it right there in his bulletin.

He describes himself as a "radical disciple" just as Michael Voris describes himself as a "victim soul". It seems as though those who go off the rails get up to describing themselves as what they think they are in the eyes of God. Nevermind if what they do goes against God Himself by their lack of charity and leading people astray.

Leo D. Lion said...

nothing except we need Divine Correction. Nothing else can work.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think the Lord is allowing plenty of Divine Correction these days as we reap the consequences of our rebellion.

Al Schroeder said...

Just watched a video by Taylor Marshall who I am not a big fan of but it really struck home for me being born and raised in Chicago and now living in the neighboring diocese of Rockford. Taylor mentioned that Cupich is the yes man, Bergoglio's lackey, or in Chicago terminology the chief gunso of the Vatican mafia. He is the Frank Nittie of Bergolios crime empire, the "enforcer" as is know in syndicate circles. He is now showing why he was appointed to one of the largest diocese in the nation. Simply to make sure the "serfs" comply with the ruler.

Anita Moore said...

There's another video of a Father Pfleger Mass -- "Mass"? -- where he rushes to hug some guy at the altar, his sleeve catches the Pachamama boat full of hosts, and the hosts spill all over the place. It took some time for him to notice this. Since he ad libs the canon of the Mass, one can only hope that the Mass was invalid and those were only wafers.