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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Random Thoughts on New Year's Day!

New Years Eve dinner table
  • Why do they call New Year's Eve "first night" when it's really last night?

  • We had a little New Year's Eve party last night with a priest friend and several other guests including my sister-in-law. When we said the rosary she surprised me by gifting me a rosary that belonged to my grandmother, our grandchildren's great-great grandmother! My mom gave it to her, and she generously regifted it to me. I am so grateful! Big hugs to Jessica! I can't think of a gift I would appreciate more!

  • I'm thinking about my New Year's resolution. I want one I'll be sure to keep, so I'm resolved to pray for my bishop, Michael Burbidge every day. And I'm going to have a Mass said for him once a month and write him a letter. I was doing all that during Advent and have decided to keep it up. I want to be like the persistent widow with the unjust judge. We sure need holy bishops and begging our spiritual father to defend our rights is a worthwhile endeavor! Want to join me in prayer by committing to pray for your own local bishop?

  • I'm also thinking about what brings me the most joy. I can hardly believe this one! I don't sleep very well and am almost always up around 5:00 a.m. even when I go to bed late. I've actually come to be happy about my sleeplessness, because I love meeting the Lord in my little "chapel" when it's still dark outside. He is always there, even when He's quietly sleeping like He did in the boat. Speaking or silent, I know I'm with Him when I turn my thoughts to Him.

  • How grateful I am for the bloggers whose sites I visit. Dymphna shares some of the most beautiful art as well as her wise common sense that isn't so common these days. Mundabor sometimes makes me laugh, but always makes me think. Ben Carter's silly satire with his "schoolboy humor" is often hilarious as he pokes fun at "Church Malevolent." I also like to visit Fr. Z's blog and Rorate Caeli. I recently discovered a new site thanks to a canon lawyer friend called Canon Law Made Easy by Cathy Caridi.  I think that's going to be another favorite.

  • And one final note. We have a new storefront in Woodstock, one I wish had never opened. It's a witchcraft shop where you can buy crystals, books of spells, etc. My husband and I have already gone to the shop after Mass (when it's closed) and sat in the car praying the rosary. On another occasion we visited after Mass and I sprinkled the front of the shop and the sidewalk with holy water. I think we'll be doing that often on weekdays after Mass. I also plan to visit the shop when it's open and leave a St. Benedict medal somewhere discreet inside and maybe another above the door. I'll also sprinkle a little blessed salt inside. Please pray with me that this shop will disappear before it corrupts any of the young people in town. It's only a few blocks from Massanutten Military Academy High School.  

  • God bless all you dear readers and have a happy, grace-filled New Year!

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