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Saturday, January 8, 2022

The Vaxed Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (AND SOME TO DIE)!

Teachers at the Dr. Fauci school of "vaccination" research

Some "medical professionals" think all the negative data coming out about the jab is just one big conspiracy theory from a bunch of ignorant, mentally ill folks wearing tin hats. They seem to believe that the only doctors who are real medical professionals (besides themselves) are the ones they agree with Dr. Fauci. No matter how impressive the credentials of other medical professionals, they are dismissed as quacks and cranks. 

That is the new DR. FAUCI SCIENCE. Don't question the non-practicing guru who hasn't worked with patients in decades. You question him, you are a science denier!

No matter how much data and research reveal the link between the jab (It's not a vaccination!) and physical damage, even death, to those who receive it; the true believers continue to beat the drum. Take the jab! Wear a mask! Wear two masks, wear three! Carry your medical passport! No passport, no nothin'! -- except your health and, perhaps, your life. 

Why the worldwide pressure to take the jab and get the COVID passports which are becoming digital and embedded under the skin? [Sweden is already doing this.]

Those who warn it's about political control over the population are labeled nut jobs and misinformation spreaders who must be silenced.  They contribute to "vaccine hesitancy" and the vaccine is the only way to avoid death from an illness survived by over 96% of those who contract it, 99.9% percent of the young and healthy.

Initially, they told us getting vaccinated would prevent us from getting COVID. When that proved to be false, they said it would prevent us from being hospitalized. When that proved  to be false, they blamed the unvaccinated for making the vaccinated, who were supposed to be protected, get sick. 

Got that? 

And you still believe them?

With all this confusion, it pays to look at the data. That's what real scientists do.

Indiana may be the first state reporting on the post jab crisis, but they certainly won't be the last. According to Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica, a $100 billion insurance company based in Indiana, since the introduction of the "vaccine" the death rate for working age people between 18 and 64 is up 40% from all causes. [This makes perfect sense if the scientists who say the jab damages the immune system are right!] An increase of that magnitude is unheard of and it's consistent across the board throughout the country. Davison says;

“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”

And it's not just the death rate. Disability claims have exploded as well. According to an article in The Center Square:

The number of hospitalizations in the state [Indiana] is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and in fact is higher than it’s been in the past five years, Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer, said at a news conference with Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday. [December 29, 2021 - There is now a fight in the state at the top level between jab pushers including the governor and those warning that more research is necessary to evaluate "vaccine" safety.]

 Most of these deaths are not from COVID, but those dying are among a group that has been highly pressured to take the jab or lose employment. 

So what gives and where are the scientists asking questions and trying to find the answers? After all, that's what scientists always did in the past! Why are young workers dying at this unheard of rate after the experimental "vaccine" rollout? You can't leap to the conclusion that it's the jab. It's a logical fallacy to presume that A caused B because B came after A. That's why scientists ask questions and do studies! Mr Smith got the jab on Monday. He died of heart failure on Friday. Is there a connection between Monday's jab and the death? Why did he die? Do an autopsy!

No! No! No! says Dr. SCIENCE. Don't ask, says the DR. SCIENCE school. Mr. Smith wasn't really vaccinated because we don't count vaccinations until 14 days after the jab. [wink, wink]. And if you ask a question about the connection between the jab and the death, you're a quack. And by the way, we will never give you another research grant! 

There have been minimal studies evaluating the safety of the jab. One analysis of 15 deaths following the vaccine implicated the shot in 14. The initial pathology reports showed no connection, but doctors who subsequently performed autopsies or analyzed the data on the victims, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Arne Burkhardt, found that the jab caused the body to begin attacking itself. And there's additional evidence that the jab makes people more susceptible to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). 

On December 4, 2021 a pathology conference was held in Berlin featuring four experienced pathologists reporting on data addressing the question:

Is there a causal connection between severe health damages and deaths with the previously administered vaccination against Covid-19, which can be proven pathologically?

The simple answer is yes. You can read the press release here. 

Here are the doctors involved in the conference and their credentials:

Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt has a long history of teaching at the Universities of Hamburg, Bern and Tübingen as well as visiting professorships/study visits in Japan (Nihon University), USA (Brookhaven National Institute), Korea, Sweden, Malaysia and Turkey. He headed the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years, after which he worked as a practicing pathologist. Prof. Burkhardt has published over 150 articles in journals and numerous contributions to handbooks. He has also certified pathological institutes Prof. 
Dr. Walter Lang has spent 27 years running a private institute he founded for pathology with a focus on transplantation pathology, extragynecological cytology, thyroid tumors, lung/pleural pathology. He performed Consultation diagnostics for 12 major pulmonary clinics and provided Liver Pathology services for numerous clinics. During the period 2010-2020, he supervised the pathology of the lung clinic in Herner. 
Ute Krüger, MD, is a specialist in pathology and senior physician at a Municipal Hospital in southern Sweden. For the past 18 years, she has been primarily with the diagnosis of breast cancer. 
Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz is a former professor of electrical engineering with a with a focus on quality and risk management at the Jakobs University in Bremen. Prior to his appointment, Prof. Bergholz worked for 17 years in the management of chip production at Siemens.

The conference is online at 

A friend just told me about another U.S. doctor being persecuted for prescribing Ivermectin. Why? It's off label and ineffective they say. Meanwhile, the latest news is they are talking about using Viagra off label to treat COVID. So please stop using that argument! Who cares if the drug is off label if it works?

But it's ineffective they say! 

Really? Twenty countries are using it. [Plea to allow use of Ivermectin

In Zimbabwe it cut hospital admissions and death by 70%. Mexico City had the same 70% hospitalization reduction after dispensing home kits to the population that included Ivermectin. In India the reductions were 80-90%. Tell me again why my doctor can't prescribe Ivermectin!

Short answer -- because Fauci and company want nothing to interfere with pressure to take the experimental gene therapy. Get the jab, you fools, because I said so!

All gene-based vaccines, regardless of manufacturer, produce the same result -- they damage the immune system. Some of the whistleblower doctors confirm that their colleagues in research are seeing the same negative results they do, but won't publish their findings out of fear of reprisal. This is a big red flag that indicates the desired outcome here is not health, but control. When scientists are afraid to speak the truth out of fear of being punished, you aren't dealing with science! And take note, thousands of nurses and other medical personnel have resigned or been terminated over vaccine mandates and their refusal to comply which is a major reason some states are calling in health workers from the military and national guard. [See more here and here.]

I'm not a scientist, but I'm pretty good at research. Let me suggest a  simple study. Most of us get regular blood work done. Let doctors evaluate the bloodwork of their patients before and after "vaccination" comparing it with bloodwork of the unvaccinated during the same time period. Is there a difference in the two populations? In view of the numbers this could be a massive study! 

But don't hold your breath waiting for it. The vaccination fanatics aren't interested in science. Although there's likely to be a lot fewer of them in the future as they reap the consequences of destroying their immune systems. There's already an uptick in cancer and auto-immune diseases according to Dr. Ryan Cole.

So if we aren't dealing with science, what exactly are we dealing with? 

Shrinking the world's population has long been a goal of rich elitists, a number of whom met in 2009 at a secret summit organized by Bill Gates calling themselves the "Good Club." Their goal?


Among the "Good Club" members were billionaires including the late David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, etc. Their goal was to shrink the world population! (Note the 1984 inversion of language. Their goal was anything but "good" for most of the world. Good for their pocketbooks though.) The same group of billionaires have been active in developing COVID policies including mNRA vaccines, lockdowns, mask mandates, etc. that have taken and continue to take such a devastating toll on the world.

One final note. If the unapproved, emergency authorized vax is sooooo gooooood for you, why are the pharmaceutical firms indemnified against any consequences for injuring and killing people? The rush to market this poison wasn't about protecting us from a virus survived by 99+% of most of the population. It's always been about power, control, and making the rich richer! Check out Bill Gates increase in wealth since the start of this debacle! He has major investments in Big Pharma! And DR. SCIENCE, the highest paid government employee in the country, isn't doing too badly either.

We need to fight using truth and real science instead of blindly accepting the propaganda being foisted on us by a cabal of elitists who hate us. And all you brainwashed "medical professionals" echoing the propaganda need to do some real research into what's happening! Real scientists discuss and debate the research. They don't allow government bureaucrats, media moguls, and rich guys with god complexes to crush their questioning colleagues. 

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.


Evangeline said...

If people do have their blood checked before and after, what they want to do is an "AIDS panel", the kind that checks all the markers for a person's immune system. A doctor whose name I cannot recall did just that about 10 or so months ago, and he was horrified by what he found. He just happened to have a patient who was going to take the jab, and he asked if he could compare pre-jab results with post-jab. The patient agreed, but the results were catastrophic. The man had a superb immune system pre-jab, but post-jab it had totally collapsed, and basically the man ended up with AIDS, which apparently is actually a collapse of the immune system, leaving you totally vulnerable to bugs, viruses, etc.

It is very hard to understand how people have just believed and trusted what these people were and are selling.

Steve Schneider said...

Here is a link to the before and after you mentioned. I'm assuming this is the guy. If it's not he did one too.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Steve,

Every doctor who cares about patients should be doing this. Then ask the question: What is poisoning my patients and damaging their immune systems? What is the toxin causing the devastation to healthy people? We are in for a rocky future thanks to frauds like Dr. Fauci!

Aqua said...

I have heard, and personally believe, that the numbers of vaccine injured dead will be of an apocalyptic scale. Those who have taken the jab are permanently compromised. There is no remedy for what is coming. We see harbingers, but the true and full consequences are still to come. They have altered their DNA and attached into their bodies bizarre metallic and engineered Nano-substances never seen in the history of pharmaceuticals. Never before have we seen such immediate and large scale injury and death response to a vaccination.

I can't imagine anyone dumb enough to take an injection of anything without knowing every detail about what is in it and the safety and testing protocols that ushered into the public domain. This thing is using DNA altering tech that even its makers don't fully understand. What little they do understand, they hide (eg for 75 years, until the current population is good and thoroughly dead) because the limited testing they did do (normally on thousands over years, reduced to teens over one year) so spectacularly failed. And they wouldn't agree to release the vax unless first provided criminal and civil immunity in case of public injury - never before has this been granted.

And people just line up like lemmings, offer their arms and watch the yellow liquid disappear, completely and utterly ignorant about what just happened and what will happen next. And to top it off, they scratch their heads in wonder that people (like me) refuse such an offer of the mystery substance injected into my own arm.

This is a mania.

Mania def: "mental illness marked by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity. Many people suffering from mania do not think anything is wrong".

Pharma and their masters are trying desperately to close the deal because the unvaxxed Control Group is vexing their well thought out plans (never felt better, sorry). And the word is out on them, now.

Why would they do this? This is spiritual. This is much more than a medical and political miscalculation - into the realm of demonic darkness and its worship - hard as it is to imagine in our sheltered world (rapidly peeling back before our eyes, now, however). What has been done in darkness is now into the light.

Aqua said...


Aqua said...

For any who might doubt there is any unusual substances in these precious little vax bottles, here is but one piece of direct evidence. One example, among many I've seen, of Doctors discussing what they've seen in the microscopy of the vaccine substance.

I have seen many similar videos. One in particular stood out because the Doctor who described what she saw was still traumatized by it (on the verge of tears). Shr described, and produced the video, of a hydra with seeming self-awareness; and I agree, it was freakish.

Aqua said...

I fled the State in question (the communist state of Washington) exactly one year ago.

It was hard to believe then that it would ever come to this pass, but we had serious suspicions ... so we fled to the land of Goshen, otherwise known as the Great Republic, State of Texas.

The freaking communist dictator (no Governor, as far as I'm concerned - Mr. wake-up-in-the-morning-and-issue-whatever-decree-comes-to-you-in-the-shower dude) is going to arrest individuals and their families and put them in a concentration camp until they obey.

Never thought it could happen? Read the link above. They really, really, really*really* want to get their juice into our bodies. Whatcha got in the juice, Jay Inslee, Dictator Dude? What's the real game, bub?

Laramie Hirsch said...

It astounds me that people would be so willing to inject themselves with something forced on us by depopulationists. But here we are. I like how Vox Day referred to all of these Westerners as high-trusting children, susceptible to juvenile narrative-shaping tactics.

Praypraypray said...

Thank you for your most informative writing. I’ve passed along a few of your concise, succinct articles to help inform others. Thank you to you & your commentators. I recognize some of their names, since I have agreed with their intelligent comments over the years. Thank you all for trying to get the word out about the most dangerous, deadly shot. I also, was thinking of lemmings, just rushing over cliffs. I told my friends that it seems like I’m on the side of a peaceful river & I see people going by in boats, but I notice the rushing waterfall ahead. Unfortunately, they are happily going along in their boats, oblivious, unaware or ignorant, of the dangerous, deadly waterfall. I call out to them, trying to warn them, but they just wave me off as they head down river to their peril!
I hope you don’t mind the links…along with some quotes from the articles/videos…
Graphene Found In The COVID Vaccines (DR. Andreas Noack (thesis in Graphene Molecule))
“But every chemist understands what this (the graphene hydroxide) does. I cannot imagine anyone will be able to give me as a carbon specialist a proper explanation why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine.”
Murdered? Just Hours After Publishing The Secret Of The Vax, The Dr. Is Dead
What is Graphene Oxide and will it kill you?
& The above article leads to this one below 👇
You know that magnet that sticks to you after you’ve been jabbed? Yeah…
“So, from here we started to see what possible compounds, drugs and treatments could degrade graphene oxide. And look what we found: N-acetylcysteine or glutathione administered degrade it. Because what glutathione does is counteract free radicals and oxidants, all the toxins that can enter the body.
And we discovered that there were about 300 clinical studies where certain hospitals and certain universities were using N-acetylcysteine with incredible results.
For example,100 patients with saturation levels below 50% practically dead —bluntly speaking—, with bilateral pneumonias, within an hour of intravenous glutathione or N-acetylcysteine administration they made it. They were taken off ventilators and everything. We now fully understand why those treatments worked: because they addressed all the symptoms of the disease supposedly caused by SARS-CoV-2. Given that to date, there is no scientific evidence of an actual sequencing and isolation of SARS-CoV-2, we suspect with many credible indications that COVID-19 disease is actually the side effect of the introduction of graphene oxide into the body by different ways.”