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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Loss of Civility: It's a Mark of the Beast! So Kiss a Frog!

Yesterday, a person commented on Susan's post, When a Lesbian Needs a Man, with a vicious and insulting short diatribe. I immediately filed it in the trash. One point he (or perhaps she) made was that he knew women who were stronger than men. 

What an eye-rolling proof of stupidity. Of course! If you take the biggest and strongest woman in the world and the weakest and smallest man, you can have your anecdotal proof that there's no difference between men and women and women can do anything men can do and probably do it better.

The facts prove something quite different. We are not the same. Men were created by God to be the husbands, fathers, warriors, providers, and protectors of their families. Women were made to be the wives, mothers, nurturers, educators and caregivers of their families. Our body differences mirror our spiritual differences.

Look at the mediocre men "transitioning" so they can compete with the girls and rob them of scholarships and awards for all their hard work in becoming successful athletes. These mediocre men, who can't compete against other men or aren't willing to put in the work necessary, demonstrate that they are uncivilized bullies. In many cases, they are willing to injure and humiliate women to achieve their "success." I wonder if that's part of their motivation. Is it a form of psychological rape? Some transgenders have actually threatened women who oppose them with rape and there are cases of transgenders in prison who carry it out. I can't help thinking of some of these guys in drag as rapists who exercise power by competing against women and gloating over their "success." And then to hear them whine about how meanly they're treated....well, those are barf bag moments! 

The idiotic statement of the commenter is correct. Some few women are stronger than some few men. But let's take the average man and the average woman. In upper body strength women range from 50-75% weaker than men and studies prove it. Even well trained female athletes in their prime can't compete on an even field with male athletes. The military didn't weaken their physical requirements to make it easier for men to meet them. Duh!

I always thank men who open the door for me at the gas station or other places and often say, "Thank God, chivalry is not dead!" with a big smile. To be a "gentleman" is to be all the things described by St. Paul: patient, kind, humble, truth-telling, polite.... Things that many men in our culture (and women) have thrown away, choosing instead to become beasts. 

Fairy tales tell us all about that. Pinnochio went to Pleasure Island and began to turn into a donkey. Mythology tells us of man/animal combinations. Some men and women were turned into forms that more closely resembled their interior reality. The Prince becomes a beast or a frog who requires transformation through unselfish love.

So today, I'm offering my rosary for all the beastly commenters who visit here with their insults and wishes for Susan and me to burn in hell or die a painful death. Since all things work together for good to those who love God and serve according to His purpose, I embrace their insults for my humility and thank God for them. I usually pray a Hail Mary or Memorare when I read the comment and then either file it in spam or the trash bin. 

And then I try to remember to be polite with everyone who annoys me: the spam callers, the grumpy waiter or cashier. I think the hardest times are with family members like my poor sister who lives in a nursing home. She's insulted me frequently in the past. But I've found since I stopped taking her insults personally and return gentle kindness, she has become more cheerful and chatty. We speak most days and, while she still complains, she seems more at peace. It was on the advice of a nurse friend that I changed my behavior and what blessed advice that was. (Thank you, Louise!) Let's face it, we can only change ourselves, but sometimes when we do that, the behavior of those around us changes as well.

May you have a glorious day praising God and praying for those beasts you meet who need to be loved back into human form. Kiss a frog for the Lord! What a great motto for life!


  1. You have done it again! A wonderful essay and thoughtful commentary. Thank you, Mary Ann.

  2. Thank you, Katie, for your kind comment. I should do a blog on the all the kind commenters, especially those who say they pray for me. I'm offering my rosary today for you and all the others who bless my life.

  3. I agree with you that they're a fundamental differences between men and women and we are made for different roles in life and have different strengths but I am not sorry to watch women's sports get destroyed. Women have spent 50 years destroying all male spaces we're getting what's coming to us. I hope these morally bankrupt men getting into women's sports destroy it all.