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Thursday, May 23, 2024

The New Coathanger: Planned Parenthood and their "Coathanger" Pill Abortions

PP, purveyor of the chemical coathanger
Planned Parenthood (PP), in their zeal for murdering babies in the womb, have gone the modern coathanger route of unsupervised self abortions. 

They don't care about the women, only see them as dollar signs. Kill the babies, sell their body parts, and rake in the abortion fee. 

Encouraging at home abortions makes perfect logical and economic sense for the abortion giant. Think about it -- almost $600 for a few phone calls and a package of deadly coathanger pills. (Source)

Remember when abortion was supposed to be a decision between a woman and her doctor? Now it's a decision between a woman and a stranger who knows nothing about her medical history, her current state of health, her psychological and emotional state, etc. There's no face-to-face contact. Hey, a predatory abuser could order the pills and spike his victim's drink. No worries for PP! Undercover videos have shown in the past that they are willing to enable sexual predators committing statutory rape of underage girls. None of that matters to PP, only selling the chemical coathanger and describing how to use it.

Yes, the new coathanger is the abortion pill cocktail women take at home alone and unsupervised. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of PP, there were almost 650,000 self-managed abortions in 2023. These dangerous chemical coathanger self-abortions are used in an uncontrolled, unsterile and medically unsupervised situation. The woman (or a predator) just makes a phone call and PP will send the chemical coathanger (in discreet packaging of course) to your home. 

Telemed abortions are way up since returning the abortion laws to the states. PP is making more money than ever and still raking in the taxpayer dollars. And yet, the danger of these abortions is almost invisible. PP's CEO tells us how safe they are, one more lie from the expert liars!

A 2021 study evaluated chemical abortions using mifeprestone from 2000-2019. In those early days of chemical abortion, the patient often started the procedure at home, but completed it at a center. Not anymore. The norm today is unsupervised abortions at home and often all alone. How many teenage girls are telling their moms, "I'm taking the abortion pill today; will you be with me and make sure I'm okay and don't bleed out on the bathroom floor?"

Here's what the study said about these chemical coathanger abortions:

Conclusions: Significant morbidity and mortality have occurred following the use of mifepristone as an abortifacient. A pre-abortion ultrasound should be required to rule out ectopic pregnancy and confirm gestational age. The FDA AER system is inadequate and significantly underestimates the adverse events from mifepristone.

The demons hate babies because of their innocence. They hate men and women because of our capacity to participate with God in the creation of new life. The demons can't create anything. They can only destroy. And that's Planned Parenthoods goal: money for killing, not just bodies, but souls. They are a major department in Satan's evil bureaucracy. In addition to abortion, they are now expanding into the lucrative transgender drug business, feeding on the growth in lgbtq insanity.

Remember that some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. We have a lot to do. Let's roll!