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Friday, May 17, 2024

Some things are worth repeating: A Post about Truth Telling and Truth Tellers

I originally wrote this post in 2018 linking to Fr. Weinandy's letter to Pope Francis calling him to account in a profoundly charitable way. The pope didn't take it well, to say the least. And he continues to treat those who criticism him, not as brothers and sisters in the Lord, but as enemies with a "suicidal attitude" who are "closed up inside a dogmatic box." The number of insults from the pope against traditional Catholics is legion. Those who defend the faith, those who should be his pride and joy, are castigated and persecuted. Suffering persecution faithfully is a challenge and an opportunity and we can see some of its fruits, especially among the young men studying for the priesthood who are more orthodox than their predecessors.

The evil in the Church continues to be exposed. It's a scandal, but still we see converts embracing the faith. More Catholics are awake and aware and hopefully praying for the poor, battered Bride of Christ. 

One reality continues, however. Those who speak the truth, like Fr. Weinandy, whether to the Church or the culture, can be sure these days of only one thing -- persecution. If you stand with Christ at the foot of the cross, you will eventually find yourself nailed to it with Him. Praise God! What greater privilege can we have than to be united with our Savior in his passion? Once we recognize that every evil we suffer is from God, not just the blessings, we are on the way to a peaceful heart and a closer walk with the Lord.

Don't misunderstand me. God NEVER wills evils, only good. But he uses the sins and malice of others to effect his purpose which is ALWAYS good. He used many pagan nations in the Old Testament to chastise and purify His chosen people. He used the first century persecution by tyrants to disperse the Christian flock to the ends of the earth to spread the gospel. If we look at some of the "evils" in our own lives as blessings, we can often recognize how the finger of God is forming our clay to make us reflect His image more purely. Think of yourself as a sculpture in process by the greatest master in the universe. What a masterpiece we can be if we only cooperate.

Please pray for all truth tellers. Let us always strive to be among them and run to the confessional when we fail.

And now my post from October 2018:

Fr. Thomas Weinandy: The Difference a Year Makes...

"I am convinced more now than a year ago, that by exposing all of the evil, the Lord Jesus is in the process of purifying his body, the Church. The present sin within the Church is often terrifying and disheartening to see. It is good for us to keep in mind, however, that the fire of the Holy Spirit may burn, but its burning is unto holiness – and that is wondrous to behold."
                                                                                        Fr. Thomas Weinandy

Remember Fr. Weinandy and the letter that got him thrown under the bus by the USCCB a year ago? Today, he has an article at The Catholic Thing titled, "The Letter: One Year Later."

Sad to say, the USCCB is not exactly a fan of truth-telling. The organization is polluted with modernist Catholics willing to lie and distort the faith. Some high level bureaucrats there support and contribute to pro-abortion politicians.

How faithfully do the bureaucrats represent the bishops? Well, no doubt they faithfully represent some of them, certainly men like Donald Wuerl, Joseph Tobin, Blase Cupich, Kevin Farrell, etc. I fear they may represent most, a chilling thought.

But then I think of how the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother always use a minority of good, holy, faithful (often little) servants to work wonders. What a tiny band the apostles were on Pentecost as they burst out of the upper room into the world!

Pentecost winds roar around us these days in the midst of the flood of evil. They will blow a road for us through the water, like the parting of the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites.

Pray, hope, and don't worry. God wins!

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