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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Thought for the Day from a Friend

I thought this was an appropriate thought for Mother's Day. 

Parents were trusted by God to be His partners in salvation. The family is the basic building block of every society. And when parents put their trust in God and chain their families to the Eucharist and Our Lady, all will be well. That was the message of St. John Bosco's dream. Whatever you are going through whether joys or sorrows, Jesus is waiting in the Holy Eucharist to support and console you and Mary is ready to intercede for you as a channel of grace. So follow this advice sent by my friend:

Completely trust the good God you know from the Blessed Sacrament
  •     to take you through whatever journey/process He wills for you, His creature,
  •     towards whatever end He wills --
  •     since He made you,
  •      saved you, and
  •     has claim on you (purchased at a great price).
And Happy Mothers' Day to all you dear moms who love and sacrifice for your families. Let us never succumb to discouragement no matter what. Our Lady told Lucia of Fatima that the last battle would be over marriage and the family. But her message to Lucia was one of hope. So have faith, hope, and continue in courage against the evil serpent because Our Lady "has already crushed its head."

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