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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Fr. Gordon MacRae and Beyond These Stone Walls

I received a letter yesterday from a very unusual priest, Fr. Gordon MacRae. I call him unusual because I doubt many priests would do what he did. Falsely accused of molesting a minor, the victim of trumped up "evidence" by a corrupt "justice" system in New Hampshire, he refused to be bribed by a plea deal. He could have been out of jail in one or two years if he took the plea. He refused because he was innocent. And now he is on the cusp of "celebrating" thirty years in prison.

Read these quotes from the website, Beyond These Stone Walls:
“Fr Gordon MacRae is beyond innocent. It is a travesty that he is in jail. If you listened and read the evidence, transcripts, videos, audio tapes you would be horrified. The people who did this need to get on their knees and beg forgiveness from God. + If they don’t ... .”
                — Cary Solomon, Writer, Producer and Director of “Unplanned”

“There is no segment of the American population with less civil liberties protection than the average American Catholic priest.”
— William Donohue, Ph.D., President of the Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights (NBC's "TODAY," 10/13/05)

“There are few authentic prophetic voices among us, guiding truth-seekers along the right path. Among them is Fr. Gordon MacRae, a mighty voice in the prison tradition of John the Baptist, Maximilian Kolbe, Alfred Delp, SJ, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.”             — Deacon David Jones
The story is horrifying but no surprise. In 2024 we have daily proof of our corrupt "justice" system. Consider the January 6ers many of whom are still in jail without trial after two years. Some who were released knew they weren't guilty, but also knew the administration, using the corrupt FBI and DOJ, was determined to punish them. After all, they wanted proof for their bogus "insurrection." Jailing innocent citizens mattered little if it advanced the evil goal.

Pro-lifers have felt that poisonous sting for decades. Ask Joan Andrews Bell who spent years in jail for trying to protect little ones in the womb through peaceful direct action. See how the government is using the FACE Act today to manufacture stiff sentences against peaceful Red Rose witnesses demanding decades in jail for offering women help and roses in abortion center waiting rooms.

I don't fault the January 6ers who accepted the bribes in order to get a short sentence despite the fact it enabled the government to play hero. "See....these monsters really did plan an insurrection."  But what a difference we see in Fr. MacRae who stood up to Leviathan and entered the gulag, not to "rot in prison" but to continue to serve with courage and fidelity. His passion has brought life to many especially a former cell mate named Pornchai Maximilian Moontri. Wherever an apostle of God resides, in exile or in freedom, he can do God's work.

Meet Fr. MacRae in the video below. Listen to his story, a sickening relation of corruption and deceit! Then pray for him that justice be done in his case. In the meantime, please pray for the good he has done and will continue to do behind bars. No evil doer can prevent the work of God who ordains all things, both good and evil. He never desires sin and malice but can use the sin and malice of others to perform His holy will. 

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  1. Fr. MacRae has been in my daily prayers for many years. He is a Dry Martyr!