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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Adventure of Cleaning Up "Hot Spots" - Thinking about the next pope!

Cardinal Péter Erdő 

Every now and then I start hyperventilating over the clutter. Much of it consists of stacks of back issues of magazines and newspapers that I haven't read but hate to just throw in the recycle bin. I usually read through the table of contents and the headlines to see if something catches my eye that I want to read.

Yesterday, I picked up Issue 1 2023 of The Traditionalist with a fascinating article by Edward Pentin, a chapter from his book on likely papal candidates in the next conclave. The focus was on Cardinal Péter Erdő, the Primate of Hungary.

What an interesting man! My inclination was to be skeptical because of his high profile as Relator General of the Synod on the Family with its controversial elements toward homosexuality and Communion for those divorced and remarried outside the Church; but Pentin's article revealed a man with great devotion to Our Lady, one "formed through the crucible of communist suffering" who defends the integrity of marriage and opposes doctrinal pollution. 

Erdő worked to rehabilitate the reputation of Cardinal Mindszenty, who spent years as a virtual prisoner in America's Hungarian embassy during the Communist control of the nation. In 2012 the Chief Prosecutor's Office cleared Cardinal Mindszenty of the bogus conviction of his political trial mainly due to the intervention of Cardinal Erdő.

Inside the Vatican also has an interesting article on Cardinal Erdő with a brief bio:

He is Cardinal Peter Erdo, born in Budapest in 1952, consecrated bishop by Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica on the Feast of Epiphany of the Jubilee of 2000. He was appointed Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest (and therefore Primate of Hungary) in 2002, and made a cardinal October 21, 2003. He has been President of the Hungarian Bishops’ Conference for two terms (2005-2015), and President of the Council of European Bishops Conferences since 2006. He was the General Rapporteur of the Extraordinary Synod of 2014 for the family and holds the same post for the ordinary Synod of 2015.

The man sitting on the chair of Peter should be a matter of concern for all of us. We can see the devastation wrought by Francis and the history of the Church shows how evil popes damage the faith. How many souls have been lost because of evil clerics from the top down. We need holy priests, many holy priests. If we have many holy priests, we will ultimately have many holy bishops who will elect a holy pope. Let us commit daily to praying for the next conclave which can't come too soon in my opinion. 

God save the Church as my friend Frank Walker of Canon 212 always concludes his podcasts. Yes, indeed, but let us be God's prayer warriors to bring about a new springtime that really is a new springtime and not an on-going winter of discontent like the one in Narnia where it is always winter, but never Christmas. 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church, pray for us.



  1. What magazines do you like the best? I subscribe to Latin Mass Magazine which I think is fantastic. I have been considering also subscribing to the Angelus as well.

  2. I've sampled a lot over the years. I regularly read The Wanderer at least in part. Over the years I've read New Oxford Review, Inside the Vatican, Catholic World Report, Touchstone, occasionally The Latin Mass, and others. The two right now that I at least try to read in part are Chronicles and The Traditionalist. There are numerous good sources out there. You need to pick and choose what is most helpful as an addition to the essential spiritual resources like Imitation of Christ, Imitation of Mary, Humility of Heart, Surrender to Divine Providence, lives of the saints, etc. God has provided the fertilizer for every flower in the garden of souls. Each of us needs to find what is most helpful to ourselves. Thanks for reminding me of The Latin Mass magazine. I went to the website -- so many great articles!

  3. The Catholic Church is dead. Where are the Catholics who should have iced Gordo?

    1. If the Catholic Church is “dead” then Our Lord was a liar when He established His Church upon the rock of St. Peter, telling him the gates of hell would never prevail.

  4. You can't be Catholic or you couldn't say that.