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Saturday, May 18, 2024

When a Lesbian Needs a Man

I am woman a butch lesbian, hear me roar whine

The ironic hilarity of it all nearly killed me. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Here's what happened yesterday at work. 

Recently a young woman was hired who is obviously gay. She looks like a hefty man, has a haircut like a man, walks like a man, wears masculine clothes, has tattoos on her arms like Popeye, has various facial piercings and wears blue ear plug earrings. She's quite agreeable to work with and has a pleasant enough looking face and would be a pretty woman if she decided to go that route. But, no, she wants to present as non-binary or whatever and pretend to be a man.

So when she was asked to do a man's job, she soon discovered it was too much for her! 

It was toward the end of the evening and the heavy equipment was not yet pulled inside for closing since the man who was supposed to do it had already gone home. The supervisor looked around to see who was available and her eyes landed on the gay girl. Subliminally, looking at the butch lesbian, one thinks, "strong, manly, hefty, masculine, male," and so forth, therefore, looking and acting like a man, she was chosen to do a man's job. 

She had to pull all the heavy equipment directly past my desk. The first few times when passing by she looked at me and smiled. The next few times she stoically trudged by pulling her heavy load. By the 5th or 6th time it became too much for her, and upon realizing the conundrum of the position she had put herself in by presenting as male, she stopped at my desk and exasperatingly blurt out, "This is just too much! They should have asked Christopher to do this! This is a MAN'S JOB!"

Stunned, I thought to myself, "Does she realize what she just said?" I couldn't say anything....just looked at her as if to say, "Well, sweetheart, isn't that what you want people to think?"


  1. Reality crashes in on her gay fantasy!

  2. Everyone must accept me as what I claim to be, but only when it suits me.

  3. It's like when women try to be cops. At some point cops need explosive speed and brutane and woman just don't have it.

  4. The gay woman in question is an idiot. Just like the rest of the women dumb enough to be in the workforce. Women waste their life and youth and strength slaving away for corporations that discard them once they no longer can work (in fact, that is the purpose of feminism. To fool women into becoming expendable and underpaid factory workers); and since women inflate the supply of the workforce, the demand/wages thus go down - screwing over the men, too. Women should be fired from all jobs - only men should work. Women should be taught that family-making is their main purpose in life and that they do, in fact, need a man. Family-oriented, virtuous women would thus become a good incentive for men to work and having families would solve the general lack of purpose that most of the society has. After all, in this day and age, the sacrifices men make are unappreciated - most men are made superfluous, because women can slave away to earn their own money. A woman that out-earns her man will NEVER respect him - it's from this that most marriages fall apart over time.

  5. I disagree, Anonymous. I think women are in fact better suited for some jobs. I don't want a man in charge of my mammogram, for instance. I prefer women nurses in my hospital room. I want a woman teaching small children in elementary schools.

    I also know personally women who through no fault of their own are working to make ends meet when their spouses are out of work, have husbands who have left them, or who are widows with not enough money to live on securely.

    I can agree with you that being a stay at home mother is the best job in the world and should be every woman's first choice whenever possible.