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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Browsing Home Schooling Blogs

I'm a blog browser. I especially enjoy visiting home schooling families because, as Fr. John Hardon, SJ often said, they are the monasteries of our time - preserving Catholic (and Christian) traditions and culture. They also are great watchdogs who alert us to what's happening to ordinary people when they displease Big Brother. Here are a few interesting blogs to visit.

Under her starry mantle is the blog of a mom of six in Australia. Check out her directions for making a poinsettia wreath for the O Antiphons during the last days of Advent. It may be too late to do it this year, but what a great project! There's lots more practical ideas for home schooling families.

Family in Feast and Feria doesn't feature as many pictures, but has some fun posts including Name that Christmas Carol with lines from popular carols and a challenge to identify them. I got most of them and enjoyed just thinking about how many beautiful religious songs enrich the season.

Spunky Home School has an alarming story about a family with ten children raided by the Ohio State Agriculture Dept. because they were running a co-op for families who wanted to get organic food. They called it an illegal retail store! The cops came in with guns drawn and thuggish behavior, kept the family corralled in their living room for six hours, and confiscated a year's worth of their own food as well as the co-op food. They also took computers and other items like cell phones. I used to be in a food co-op. We took turns buying the food, dividing it, and collecting money. What's ironic is that this family contacted the state in 2007 to make sure they were meeting all the requirements. After not responding to the family's mail for a year, the raid came out of the clear blue. Why didn't someone just call them and make an appointment? There's a lawsuit in the works.

Happy browsing and if you know of a good home school website, leave the address in the comment section. I have some happy memories from my five years as a home schooling mom!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog! I agree, some of the Catholic homeschooling blogs are quite inspirational. I've enjoyed your work over the years. (I'm Darden's niece, BTW.)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What a small world! Well, thank you for your commitment to faith and family and Merry Christmas!