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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will Obama Risk Holy Hell Over FOCA?

Ray Kerrison of the New York Post has a powerful article,Obama's Holy Hell questioning whether, as new president, Obama will really risk all-out war with the Catholic hierarchy over FOCA. It begins:

"IF President-elect Barack Obama goes through with his campaign pledge to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act, holy hell is going to break loose.

"FOCA may be the most radical social legislation in decades. It seeks to strip every last restraint from abortion - outlawing states' requirements for waiting periods, informed consent or parental consent; preventing health and safety regulation of abortion clinics and abortionists - and even ending restrictions on partial-birth abortion.

"With one stroke of the president's pen, it would nullify every one of the 330 or so federal, state and local abortion laws on the books, most of them supported by a majority of Americans.

"And that's just the start.....(more)

The E- word, that is excommunication, comes up with Cardinal George saying, depending on the wording of the law, it may be a real possibility for any Catholic politician who would formally cooperate with evil by voting for FOCA.

As a serious Catholic who has watched the bishops tapdance and sway over many issues, I hope they will finally find their spines and stand firm on a moral position that is unnegotiable. It's long past time for them to enforce Canon Law 915 and refuse Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy and all the rest who call themselves "devout Catholics" while they vote to murder children and destroy marriage. Faithful Catholics need to hold their bishops' feet to the fire and take back the Church demanding that the bishops preach Humanae Vitae, discipline those scandalizing the flock, and stop waffling on doctrine. If the evil positions of Barack Obama cause that to happen, his election may turn out to be a blessing even if it results in active persecution.

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