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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great Catholic Colleges Part II - Christendom

I admit I'm partial to Christendom for several reasons. First of all it is, as the Newman Guide says, joyfully Catholic. I occasionally go to daily Mass there and it's an incredible experience to see a chapel filled at midday with several hundred students who sing the hymns (including some Latin responses) with clear young voices that sound almost angelic. The college president and his wife and children, as well as many faculty members, sit side by side in the pews with the students. Sometimes students have younger children in tow which always brings a smile to my face. Daily Mass at Christendom is not only a treasure for the school, but the local community.

The chapel itself is absolutely beautiful with stained glass windows recycled from the old Blessed Sacrament Church in downtown Winchester. The window depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus is located above the white marble altar which is another piece of art. Two large angels bend toward the altar from the sides. Everything about the church lifts the mind and heart to God.

The library, built within the past few years, is another architecturalal beauty set back in the woods on a small knoll. It has a large foyer that invites one to pause in admiration to read the latin inscriptions set in the ceiling. The entire campus is a reminder that God speaks in the true, the good, and the beautiful. When I think of Christendom's humble beginnings I am in awe of what a handful of faithful Catholics with vision can accomplish. (Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Carroll and all your associates who had the courage to begin this great work of God.)

If you haven't seen Christendom and you are ever near Front Royal, Virginia stop and visit. I feel very blessed to have them in my own backyard. (Out in the country a 40 minute drive is the back yard).

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