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Thursday, December 4, 2008

What's Your Worldview: Lust or Love?

One of the hallmarks of our culture today is lust. It's at the root of abortion, sodomy, sexual exploitation, and many other sins. And it's not just out there in the red light district. No, it's in mainstream America. The article below is one sad account of the impact of porn on our culture. For more information about the damage of pornography visit Judith Reisman's website. And pray today for those enslaved by this terrible addiction.

Frank Ramirez: Porn in the workplace

In the midst of an economic crisis, it would seem like nothing short of foolishness to walk away from a job, especially if one has a family to support. But I had no choice.

This is not a story about corporate callousness or abuse; it's a story about our culture's shedding of civility and common decency. I should say up front that I'm a Christian, but a tolerant one. I have become good friends with some former co-workers on the sales floor who don't share my faith or ethics. But I have boundaries. That's why I quit. Everyone at that store – managers and employees both ­ may share my planet, but we live in different worlds. Continued here.

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