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Monday, December 1, 2008

More Margaret Sanger Fascism

In today's culture of death, many elitists who fling around the word "choice" have nothing but contempt for individual rights. They are perfectly willing for the masses to choose as long as they make the "right choice" which is the one the elites know is good for them. Margaret Sanger was one of those elitists who detested freedom for those she considered unfit. The organization she founded, the American Birth Control League (later Planned Parenthood), continues to walk in her fascist footsteps. Sanger proposed the American Baby Code in 1934 in an article in American Weekly Magazine. It would more appropriately be called the American No-Baby Code. These are the poisoned roots of Planned Parenthood which continues to be a baby's worst nightmare. It is also the organization that Barack Obama has promised to expand through signing the Freedom of Choice Act. FOCA is more accurately described as the No Freedom of Choice Act since it will invalidate all current laws protecting the unborn and eliminate the rights of voters to pass state laws about abortion. FOCA entrenches and expands the murder of the unborn exponentially. Margaret Sanger would have approved. In fact, she very likely would have been Obama's choice to head Health and Human Services. Many of his nominees espouse the same evil philosophy! If you don't like what you read below FIGHT FOCA.

The American Baby Code

by Margaret Sanger

Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies. To assist couples who wish to prevent overproduction of offspring and thus to reduce the burden of charity and taxation for public relief and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.

Article 2. Birth control clinics shall be permitted to function as services of government health departments or under the support of charity, or as non-profit, self-sustaining agencies subject to inspection and control by public authorities.

Article 3. A marriage license shall in itself give husband and wife only the right to a common household and not the right to parenthood.

Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood.

Article 5. Permits for parenthood shall be issued by government authorities to married couples upon application, providing the parents are financially able to support the expected child, have the qualifications needed for proper rearing of the child, have no transmissible diseases, and on the woman’s part no indication that maternity is likely to result in death or permanent injury to health.

Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.

Article 7. Every county shall be assisted administratively by the states in the effort to maintain a direct ratio between county birth rate and its index of child welfare. When the county records show an unfavorable variation from this ratio the county shall be taxed by the State…. The revenues thus obtained shall be expended by the State within the given county in giving financial support to birth control…..

Article 8. Feeble-minded persons, habitual congenital criminals, those afflicted with inheritable diseases, and others found biologically unfit should be sterilized or in cases of doubt should be isolated as to prevent the perpetuation of their afflictions by breeding.


Kasia said...

Hi - I came over here via a link from MileHiMama, and I wondered if you could provide a non-Internet source for this? I have friends and family who need to see this sort of thing but would dismiss a blog as not credible - I'm hoping I can find a compilation of Sanger's writings or somesuch to show them?

Many thanks,

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There are many sources for examining the life and writings of Margaret Sanger. A relatively comprehensive source is the Margaret Sanger Papers Project at NYU. Their website offers a wide selection as well as information for purchasing collections of her papers.

A source for the American baby code is

I've read Sanger's autobiography and find it self-serving and dishonest. She was an adultress who engaged in numerous extra-marital affairs. She was also a drug addict. Although she had some nurse's training she was never a registered nurse. Sanger loved being in the limelight and toward the end of her life frequently stated that she would do exactly as she pleased. That could have been her slogan. She had less concern for the poor than disdain and contempt.

I hope people who read this will pray for Margaret Sanger. She was a poor, pitiful woman who did a lot to give us the sex-driven culture we have today with soaring rates of fornication, STDs, massive divorce, depression, and suicide. Lust may give temporary pleasure but ultimately it destroys lives.

Kasia said...

Thanks very much - I will start on this none-too-cheery project over Christmas break...

God bless,