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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Parental Consent Laws Protect Minor Girls

Among the likely fatalities that will result from electing Barack Obama president are parental notification laws. If the Freedom of Choice Act passes (and it almost assuredly will in a Democratic-controlled Congress) parental notification will be outlawed. What does that mean for minor girls? More sexual predators covering up their crimes by taking them for abortion - over and over again in some cases.

California police Sgt. Tom Yarrington has investigated over 1,000 sex abuse cases, most involving minors. Parental involvement, he says, "gives us better investigative leads, allows us to locate more victims and allows us to provide earlier intervention - not only to provide the help that the child needs to make it through this time, but it is also going to assist us in stopping further abuse from occurring to that victim and, potentially, other victims." (See complete article.)

President-elect Obama claims he wants to reduce abortion. Studies show that parental notification/consent laws do reduce abortion. Let the Obama transition team know that you want real protection for women, especially minor girls targeted by adult predators. FOCA will contribute to the exploitation of minors and Planned Parenthood has shown they are willing to abet sexual abuse by covering up. Obama's promise to pass FOCA is part of the problem, not the solution. Stop FOCA. Sign the petition and fight with prayer and action.

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