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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Intercessions

It's funny how your mind works. During the Good Friday service this afternoon Nancy Pelosi kept popping into my head. During the passion, when the Jews responded to Pilate's question, "Shall I crucify your king?" with "We have no king but Caesar!" I thought of Nancy. Isn't that what she's saying when she thumbs her nose at Church teaching in favor of evil laws?

During the intercessions we prayed for those who do not believe in Christ and Nancy popped into my head again. I know, I know...Nancy professes to be a "devout Catholic." Real Catholics know that's impossible though.  If, at the same time, you are radically pro-abortion and a liberal extremist and claim to be "devoutly" Catholic, you just demonstrate cognitive dissonance (the ability to believe two mutually exclusive things at the same time). When the intercession came for those who don't believe in God, Nancy was nudged out by Richard Dawkins, but she may have been lurking in the background, since it's hard to imgaine that Nancy believes in any God but Caesar. Since the state is no God at all, that would put her roundly in the atheist corner with Richard.

Nancy has shown time and again that she knows very little about Church teachings on life and I'd say the same is true with regard to the Church's social justice teachings as well. Liberal policies are all geared toward giving the government more power, not the individual. The policies of liberals like Nancy do nothing to advance the dignity of the human person, but essectially make him a cog at the service of the state, a wage slave (and a debt slave who can never pay what is owed). If liberals get their way we will all be controlled by government from cradle (those who are lucky enough to get that far) to grave (to which we will be hastened by health care rationing).

Good Friday is an important reminder of our own sins. Yes, my personal sins put Jesus on the cross. That's why the congregation takes the voice of the crowd shouting, "Crucify him." But it's also a good time, as the intercessions illustrate, to offer our prayers for others. Nancy was on my mind and in my prayers today. We share a birthday and an alma mater. I wish we shared the same faith.

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