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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Laugh of the Day from the Hypocrisy Department

Oh really?

This comes from the paragons of virtue at the U.N. who never saw a poor third world woman without wanting to abort her child and sterilize her so she wouldn't bring any more of "those" people into our world?

Is this the same institution that wants to take away parents' rights over the education and upbringing of their children so the nannies in blue berets can tell us all how to care for the young ones who manage to survive the U.N. murder machine?

I'm not surprised that voices at the U.N. attack the pope. After all, the only significant opposition to their plans for Utopia (or dystopia if you've read Brave New World which looks a lot like a culture modeled on U.N. policies) is the Catholic Church. What better way to attack the Church than to strike the shepherd as Jesus said.

Pope Benedict is a sinner like the rest of us. I have my own concerns about his failure to publicly address the homosexual problem more vigorously and to accept the early resignations of good bishops like Joseph Martino and the recently resigned Canadian bishop, James Wingle. The bad guys never seem to go out early.

But he has done more to restore the sacred liturgy and begin to move the Church away from the lunacy of the post Vatican II age of insanity than anyone. So it is not surprising to see the attack on him coming from all directions. I just pray that the vision of Sr. Lucy of a pope lying dead will not be fulfilled during his papacy. I've never been quite convinced that the shooting of John Paul II was the fulfillment of that vision.

So please pray for the Holy Father every day. And for the restoration of the faith around the world. There are too many enemies of Christ living in bishops' mansions undermining the faith from within. Can you imagine being Pope in these times when so many of your brothers despise you and oppose every move toward restoration? Jesus only had one betrayer our of twelve. I wonder what Pope Benedict's percentage is.

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