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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bob McDonnell is a Big Disappointment!

I'm posting this email from Virginians for Life (VFL) because I'm really disgusted with Governor Bob McDonnell. He promised on Laura Ingraham's radio show to defund Planned Parenthood, the biggest killer of Virginia's tiniest citizens. He didn't do it and he's playing politics to hide his actions. Read the message from VFL and I hope you'll call the governor's office and tell him you're not only disappointed, but think he missed an opportunity to act like a real Catholic defending the most defenseless.
Virginians for Life April 22, 2010

Tell Bob McDonnell to apologize for breaking his promise

Planned Parenthood has just claimed VICTORY because our gutless Governor refused to defund them.

In a clever sell out last week, Governor McDonnell managed to provide evidence that he was cutting money for abortion, while INCREASING the amount of Virginia dollars flowing into Planned Parenthood.

There is nothing we can do for the babies until next year, but we can press on in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood by making our outrage at Governor McDonnell's sell-out to baby killers heard from the roof tops.

Here are the facts:

Remember, a few years ago the General Assembly removed Planned Parenthood as a line item in the budget. This way, each year legislators could say, "I never voted for Planned Parenthood funding," while the money continued to flow to Planned Parenthood out of a non-specific "general fund."

That is why Virginian's for Life specifically asked Governor McDonnell to refer to Planned Parenthood in the budget amendments and ban them from receiving funds.

Instead, Governor McDonnell borrowed from the bureaucratic play book and, while he stipulated that no funds be used for "providing abortion services," he simply failed to mention Planned Parenthood. This means that Governor McDonnell is continuing to allow tax dollars from the "general fund" to flow to Planned Parenthood.

To make matters worse, Governor McDonnell approved a new form of revenue for Planned Parenthood. He signed a separate law, creating a "Trust Women/Respect Choice" specialty license plate in Virginia. Proceeds from these new Virginia license plates will also go to Planned Parenthood.

Earlier in the legislative session, some TRUE pro-life lawmakers amended this bill to redirect funds to Virginia's Crisis Pregnancy Centers, but their amendment was killed in the senate.

Governor McDonnell could have used the Governor's veto pen to kill the bill or reinstate that amendment and allow the money to go to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Instead, Governor McDonnell did amend the bill slightly. He threw another meaningless bone to pro-lifers by stipulating that the money cannot be used to "provide abortion services." Then, Governor McDonnell signed the bill into law, sending all the proceeds to Virginia's largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood.

While they are not tax dollars per-say, Virginia government employees will still be the ones distributing Virginia license plates, and processing money through Virginia's government offices before it is sent to Planned Parenthood. Rather than give Planned Parenthood tax dollars directly, the state is helping them to raise money through the sale of state license plates.

Since this is not a budget item, it doesn't have to be renewed year after year. This is an entirely NEW and PERMANENT source of Virginia funding for Planned Parenthood, signed into law by our own, "pro-life" Governor Bob McDonnell.

Planned Parenthood sent out an update hailing this as a "VICTORY," and well they should.
Every time you see a "Trust Women/Respect Choice" license plate as you are driving down Virginia's roads, remember that Planned Parenthood is thanking "pro-life" Governor Bob McDonnell for that new source of Virginia revenue.

Bob McDonnell is a typical politician trying to please both sides of the aisle and hopes that you and I are naive enough to buy it.
Do you buy it?
I pray that you do not.

We need a Governor with guts and integrity.

Please call Bob McDonnell at 804-786-2211 and let him know how disgusted you are and that you expect him to fulfill his promise next year.

For the babies,

Marnie Deaton

Communication Director

You can donate at

Virginians for Life
PO Box 1620
Front Royal, VA 22630

1 comment:

The Virginian said...

"Trust Women/Respect Choice"

Nice license plate slogan, but I think it should also include the following:

"Disregard Men/Disrespect Child and Father"

It's a matter of making sure all perspectives are included.
...But since when did the institution of fatherhood and responsibility for your actions matter in contemporary society?

I hope McDonnell, whether truly pro-life or pro-"choice", understands that his word and spine are weak. He should take a moment and reflect on his actions and realize there is great honour to being a Virginian and to be a man of you word. Out of all the great Virginians who have come and gone, McDonnell will not be one of them.