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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sex Ed: A Plague Inflicted on Children

I received an inquiry today about sex education and how to fight it. (Sigh...) Some things never change. Pro-family folks were fighting sex ed in Fairfax County, VA back in the 70s. Planned Parenthood's brand of sex ed was polluting the middle schools and high schools. Sex games and values clarification programs were undermining parental teaching. The condom on the banana (or the girl putting the condom on the boys finger - even worse!) was going on all over the place. The raping of our children's hearts and minds was in full tilt, and one can see from the state of the culture that it was successful. How many parents saw their grandchildren arrive without the benefit of marriage and the protection of a stable family or the demonic horror of grandchildren murdered before birth?

Yes, sex ed has been successful. As Alan Guttmacher told Planned Parenthood, they would get abortion on demand through sex ed in the schools. And the battle rages on.

Here's what I sent back to the sex ed inquiry, but I've elaborated on it. Perhaps I'm too pessimistic, but my first advice is always: home school if you can! The public schools are so polluted with the culture of death that you endanger your children by putting them there:
Matt Abbott forwarded your email and I am responding. I fought the sex ed program in Fairfax County, VA 25 years ago. To be honest, it is a losing battle, but that doesn't mean it should not be fought. Ultimately, the school system in Fairfax threw everybody out (including pro-life groups) but Planned Parenthood's agenda remained and remains in the system.

The new bullying programs and "safe touch" programs are just sex ed lite and they include "tolerance" for the gay agenda under the guise of protecting vulnerable students being persecuted. Gay-Straight Alliance groups which are increasing dramatically are also about building the gay agenda.
The only group of students who can be persecuted without fear of retaliation from the system are Christians. Even teachers engage in ridicule in many places. Students with offensive T-shirts are tolerated. Students who wear pro-life or Christian T-shirts are disciplined. It is a sad situation and I encourage people to home school. Obviously, though, everyone can't do that and the next best thing is to fight and let your children see you fight. Although sometimes that is a losing battle too as the David Parker situation in Massachusetts shows.
Many school systems are telling parents to butt out. They think they own your children during the school day and you have no right to be informed about anything they do. (My daughter-in-law recently found out about the "day of silence" two weeks after it took place at her daughter's middle school in Austin, TX. The principal was totally unsympathetc to parents' concerns when they objected. I'm happy to say my DIL has decided to home-school her children including her rising 9th grader.)

The sources who are best able to advise on this matter I think are Jim Sedlack at Stopp Planned Parenthood, also Human Life International and American Life League. Another source is Randy Engel who wrote Sex Education, the Final Plague. Sex ed in the public schools is nothing but contraceptive education with abortion as a backup. The programs are anti-child stressing what a nuisance kids are and how they ruin your life. (There is a particularly objectionable program that uses a baby doll that cries at random times. The doll uses the distress cry and of course there is none of the positive feedback mothers get from their children. Many young girls after going through a program like that say they never want children.)
Unless it's an abstinence only program (and even those have problems) sex ed in the classroom is nothing but fornication training with a claim that consequences will be non-existent. Nonsense. Even if they don't address abortion directly the message is clear that there is a solution to "mistakes." And, of course, there are many other consequences as well including sexually transmitted diseases which are rampant among the young.
I hope this is helpful. Parents banding together and fighting is the only way to have an impact, but success will be measured in baby steps. And Planned Parenthood has a lot of money and they are using it to go after the kids big time.
Remember that tyrants always try to take control of the kids. Those who control the young control the future. Hitler had his Hitler Youth. Mao had his Youth Army. Stalin had his Stalinist Youth Movement. And our own president has his Obama kids program. Parents, protect your children. You are their first and primary educators; you are also the first line of defense. Fathers, you have a particular obligation. Teach the faith!

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Kathy said...

You're absolutely right. It makes me sick to think these kids are losing their innocence like this.

BTW, I'm a Catholic, homeschooling mama in Austin too. Hopefully I'll meet your DIL someday soon :)