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Monday, April 12, 2010

More Scandal at Notre Dame

Homosexual promotion week at Notre Dame began today under the guise of  "tolerance." They're calling it "Stand Against Hate Week" and are including a day of silence. This is supposed to represent the fact that "gays" aren't permitted to be who they are. (Are you using your crying towel?)

Actually the people being silenced all over the world are Christians who dare to cite the biblical standards against sodomy and same sex lust. In Canada, quote the Bible and face a jail term. That Notre Dame would participate in this pathetic shilling for homosexuality and its depraved practices is pathetic!

You can protest this event by clicking here and sending a message to Notre Dame. Let Fr. Jenkins and the morally bankrupt board of directors of Notre Dame know what you think of this.

Why would any parent these days spend the kind of money for tuition at Notre Dame so their children can be scandalized? I sure wouldn't. Visit some of the great Catholic colleges listed on the sidebar.

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