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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shame on Cardinal George!

It is hard to comprehend Cardinal George these days, except to believe what Michelle Malkin says:
So much that you need to know about the Catholic Church’s social-policy problems can be summed up in one word: Chicago. On race, abortion, guns, immigration, and “community organizing,” Catholic Church officials in the Windy City have forged unholy alliances with radical left-wingers and enablers who undermine the faith — and the faithful.  (See complete article here... )
Amen. Let me say it again, AMEN!

Cardinal George's recent attept to have Catholic Citizens of Illinois muzzle Tom Roeser for his "hate literature" is surreal in view of his simultaneously honoring the guru of hate, race-baiter Fr. Michael Pfleger. Here's what the Cardinal wrote to the advisory members of CCI about Tom Roeser:
Mr. Roeser has taken in recent years to writing essays that are filled with factual errors and misrepresentations about events in the Archdiocese of Chicago. His writing about both clerical and lay officials of the Archdiocese are also personally insulting and filled with contempt. At times when the Pope or the bishops’ teachings or activities do not conform in every detail to his political convictions, he descends to hate mongering. I’ve included a recent example for your consideration.

Would it be possible for you to use your role as advisor to Catholic Citizens of Illinois to put an end to the hate literature produced by the Chairman? Thank you.
Is the Cardinal serious? Has he seen the videos of Fr. Michael Pfleger strutting around the pulpit at Jeremiah Wright's church attacking whitey? Does he accept the statements of the bishops' conference (of which he happens to be president) that those who support positions opposing Church teaching should not be honored? Pfleger is notorious for his support for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians and positions. Plfeger's language is also "personally insulting and filled with contempt" for those with whom he disagrees.

And yet the Cardinal allowed him to be honored in the archdiocese while he tried to censor Tom Roeser who, as far as I know, is a faithful Catholic defending Church teaching. No wonder orthodox laity no longer listen to many of the bishops. They are architects of much that is evil in the Catholic Church in America. They consistently attempt to muzzle those who are faithful to the Church on abortion, contaception, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, and social justice issues while lioniizing liberal dissenters.

Cardinal George is either in agreement with this madness or he has abdicated his authority to the loony-tune liberals, (renamed "progressives") in his chancery. In either case, he deserves a millstone for this pathetic double standard. When will you defend the flock, Your Excellency?


ichab0d said...

Hi Mary Ann. The reference in the article to Alinsky-trained community organizers prompts me to thank you for the information you pointed me to in January when my church was considering joining IAF/VOICE. We are not a Roman Catholic congregation, but we are on your side on this issue. We managed to get the leadership council to vote against joining IAF/VOICE; unfortunately, our minister-in-charge persists in looking for ways to link us up with IAF/VOICE. Can you think of any way I can permanently drive a stake through the heart of this seriously bad idea of having anything to do with IAF/VOICE? Thanks.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm not sure what to advise you. If you have a pastor who is determined to hook up with those folks he will keep pushing. I suggest you educate as many of your fellow congregants as possible and show tham how VOICE is really all about big government socialism. The recent illegal immigrant rally was loaded with VOICE folks. St. Anthony's sent a number of buses as did many other of the liberal Catholic churches in the diocese. Which just goes to show that the socialist priests have never had to earn a living outside the Church. Just pass the collection basket.