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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Of Anonymous Trolls and the Billy Goat Gruff

I received a comment yesterday about the Oslo bombing left on an unrelated post. To explain, I blogged briefly about Oslo immediately after the event when Muslim extremists took credit for the atrocity. When more information came out about the true perpetrator and the Jihadists had retracted their claim, I removed the post intending to rework it and repost later. But before I had a chance to do that, an anonymous critic sent the following:
Well, it turns out that the Oslo terrorist is not a Muslim after all but one, somewhat like you, who is convinced of the dangers that Islam and its adherents present to western civilization. You never acknowledged your disinformation, simply pulled the article without a word; let your bearing of false witness disappear as if it had never happened—not unlike a Protestant who doesn’t believe in confession. I had thought that “Women of Truth” might correct their mistaken “facts” but then perhaps that preacher at Saint Matthew’s Cathedral was right when he referred to you as “Women of half-truths, distortions, and lies.” I thought it was a bit harsh at the time and told him so, but after reading your newsletter for several years and now your blog, I think he may have had a point. What shall I now think of all that you say about the Knights of Columbus and CRS and Catholic Charities when even the liberal old New York Times know it has a responsibility to acknowledge its errors.
I can almost see this brave, anonymous critic twisting his (generic pronoun) hands in glee over his "gotcha" while he gets in his snide remark equating me "somewhat" with a mass murderer while accusing me of "bearing false witness." (Isn't rash judgment a sin against the 8th Commandment as well?) Well, nobody likes to be called a liar so I responded to his comment:
The initial reports coming out of Oslo linked the terrorist bombing to the threats from the Muslim cleric who was being deported who threatened to kill government officials. CBS reported that a group called "Helpers of Global Jihad" had claimed responsibility. Later they updated the report to say the group had retracted the claim. I posted the item before the retraction. Here's a link to the updated report:

After more information came out I took the post down with the intention of redoing and clarifying it after more information came out about the man arrested. It's still in my edit file.

As for you describing a multi-murderer as "somewhat like me" I had to laugh at your accusation of my "bearing false witness" comment.
If you believe what you said about my telling lies and half truths, I'm surprised you bother with my blog. I sure wouldn't.
I think this individual is what internet jargon calls "a troll," a deliberately provocative internet user according to But sometimes it's useful to call out trolls like the Big Billy Goat Gruff did. When threatened with being eaten by the pathetic creature hiding under the bridge, he replied, "Come right ahead I have two big spears to poke your eyeballs out your ears." Let me stress that this is figurative language, I have no intention of every committing a violent act against anyone -- even a silly troll.


Ray Schneider said...

I've run into a lot of militant atheists or maybe they are only liberal-progressives (it's hard to tell the difference these days) who were thrilled that the Oslo killer claimed to be a Christian.

I said "He's not a Christian just because he says he is." This led to a long exchange of what amounts to hate speech on their part which they took, in their own minds, to be correcting me for my denial that just because someone says he is something doesn't mean that he is.

I rather fear for the world given the standards of thought that are in vogue. This exchange went on for about 317 messages on Facebook before I gave up and blocked all the participants.

Dolorosa said...

Take some time to understand about false flags:

Anonymous said...

Ray Schneider, they were probably so angry because the description you gave for the bomber fit them, and rightfully so. It serves them right. Most of them are probably really Deists or Dawinian atheists who might claim to be Christians but have no idea what Christianity means since most of them would have approved of the massacre of priests, nuns and other real Christians during the French Revolution. As happened, in the end they destroyed themselves by sending each other to their own executions. It would be laughable if it were not so sad, especially since France ended up in such a decadent mess right after the so-called "Enlightenment". Some even seated a prostitute in Notre Dame for awhile until the more decent people got fed up with it all and threw their sorry behinds out.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a "cafeteria catholic" to me, which explains his animosity to Catholic teachings.

Anonymous said...

Gee Maryanne, I think you might be a bit over reacting to what the critic said about you. when i read this, i don't think he compared you to the Oslo killer as a mass murderer, but as someone who thinks that Islam is a threat to our western way of life. there are times when some hysteria tinges your interpretation of what some people say and that can be seen as "twisting the facts." Don't worry about Billy Goat Gruffs, I would be more concerned about the preacher denouncing you as a person of lies and half-truths. I would wonder where he gets that from

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Perhaps you are right, Anonymous, but when you consider the Oslo killer is being described as part of the "radical right," a moniker people like me often get tarred with, I think that may be exactly what the troll meant.

As for the preacher at St. Matthews Cathedral, that doesn't surprise me at all. St. Matthews is listed as a "gay friendly" parish at the Catholic Lesbians' website.

There was also a gay friendly Carmelite in D.C. who used to attack me personally. He was the chaplain to the third order Carmelites at my parish and railed at a group of old ladies who were nervous about driving downtown for a meeting at the Carmelite house during one of the homosexual marches. Having been at one of those marches counter protesting, I think these elderly ladies were being prudent to stay home. The obscenity and viciousness was rampant.

As for the Carmelite, he said Mass regularly at Good Shepherd in Alexandria, a dissenter's paradise, where he frequently presented "lies and half-truths" about the faith. I occasionally listened to his sermons posted on the website and just shook my head. He actually attacked Les Femmes by name in a sermon which I considered a compliment.

This was some years ago (probably 15) and I suspect my troll's comment about the priest is not a current event either.