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Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayer, Presence, and Pictures Pressure Abortion Mills to Close

Another abortion mill recently closed due to prayer and presence pressure of 40 Days for Life.

But there are plenty more out there that need our presence. Won't you watch with Mary at the foot of the cross? Abortion mills are where Jesus is being crucified today. How much will God bless those who stand up for his living image in these tiny babies.

Want to help close an abortion mill? Many of you reading this live within 25 miles of a a killing center. Prayer and presence have closed many of these demonic places, especially when they face continuous exposure through pictures at the site. If you live near Germantown, MD you have a great opportunity to protect late term babies from being brutally murdered by Leroy Carhart. Every Monday from 8-10 a.m. prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors turn out to fight the devil on the front lines. Here's what sidewalk counselor Dick Retta says:
We need you! Monday mornings, 8 to 10 AM! At the Germantown abortion mill? LeRoy Carhart continues his late-term child killing carnage at Germantown abortion mill unabated.

We not only need prayer but ACTION -We Need you to help Kick Out Carhart, this monster child killer, by your presence.

He has now added infanticide to his atrocities. One mother seeking an abortion reported that Carhart told her “if the baby is born alive you will not be charged extra.”
Where is the OUTRAGE over these atrocities, over the brutal murder of our children right in front of our eyes, right in the midst of our daily life routines?

WHERE ARE YOU? After attending Mass and receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion could you not stop by the Germantown Mill and stand up for Our Lord, Stand up for our Children! Stand up for all that is good and decent? Stand up against this monster murderer in our midst.

We know that we are having an impact based on meetings with local police and condo board members. The condo owners do not like the truth images that we show of what Carhart does to his children victims. Showing these truth images is what will lead to the closing of the Germantown abortion mill. We must keep up the pressure.

Our numbers have gone down! Why is there so much complacency to this HORROR show? We must have the numbers in order to keep up the pressure.

If you are outraged over seeing these truth images showing Carhart’s brutality to late-term children, be more outraged over the fact that he is actually committing those atrocities while you are merely viewing the images. It was only through the showing of these kinds of images that revolutions such as ending child labor and slavery were brought about. As Father Pavone says ‘Child killing will not end until Americas sees what child-killing is about.’ Without these images we don’t have a case.

WAKE-UP! Take a stand for these children! Come join us! We need to have a HOLY OUTRAGE over this Horror show at Germantown, a modern day Auschwitz!

Please….. come and stand with us on Monday mornings at the Germantown mill. There are NO government task forces to help protect these innocent babies who are killed. There are NO special military troops to defend their lives on the front lines........

WE ARE IT!!!!! Please hear this message....If WE don't fight the brutal murder of these babies --being torn limb from limb, in our own backyard, nobody...NOBODY will!
I live two hours from Germantown, but plan to go within the next few weeks and join in the prayer crusade there. Driving out the devil requires sacrifice and I think of it as did the crusaders who drove the Turks out of the Holy Land and protected western Europe from being overrun by Islam. When we defend the babies we defend Christ and His Church. Please make the sacrifice to fight abortion on the frontlines.

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