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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why I No Longer Consider Myself a Republican

I used to work for the Republican Party. I was a member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee for several years and a precinct chairman. When I moved to Woodstock I joined the Republican Women of Shenandoah Country and was Secretary. I quit when the executive board decided we had to support a woman who supported liberal positions spending initiative because she was a Republican woman. Apparently, what you stand for means nothing as long as you call yourself Republican.

So when I read the American Thinker article, The Need For A Militant Conservative Movement, it struck a chord. Read it and, if you're a conservative, see if it resonates with you as well:
Late last week, the New York State Senate voted to legalize homosexual marriage, giving equality with heterosexual marriage, the foundational unit of every single human society in the last 5,000 years of recorded history.

This is an enormous victory for the gay rights movement and for the American left. Like most of the left's victories in recent years, it could not have happened without the support of the Republican Party (which controls the New York State Senate). Republican fingerprints are all over Roe v. Wade, No Child Left Behind, affirmative action, amnesty for illegals, and the expansion of Medicare. Indeed, gay marriage failed in New York when the Democrats controlled the State Senate in 2009.

It's time for conservatives to face the truth: there is no conservative party in the United States. There is a leftist party, and a slightly-less-leftist party.

Forty percent of Americans self-identify as conservatives. Yet conservatives could not muster enough political support to defend traditional, heterosexual marriage against homosexuals, who comprise less than five percent of the population. But the gays -- whose campaign in New York was fronted by the circus freak Lady Gaga -- have been everywhere, French-kissing on the steps of state capitols from Sacramento to Albany, marching through the streets of San Francisco in bondage leather, throwing condoms and hosts at priests celebrating Mass in New York City, running television ads advocating gay marriage, donating pro bono legal representation to their cause, and enacting vendettas, protests, and boycotts against anyone who disagrees with them.

Gays, a tiny fraction of the population, have been organized and militant. This is true of the left in general....

The combined numbers of gays, blacks, unions, and other groups comprising the left fail to outnumber conservatives.  Yet conservatives have suffered defeat after defeat on almost every major issue for decades.  Conservatives have been disorganized and passive, while leftists have been militant and united in their fifty-year quest to destroy every single traditional, bourgeois norm and value in American life -- while smugly enjoying the security and economic prosperity that was created by those very same bourgeois norms and values. (Read entire article here.)
Yup, the Republican Party has betrayed us. Party politics trumps the truth almost every time. Consider Rick Santorum supporting Arlen Specter in PA and Newt Gingrich supporting Dede Scozzafava in NY. Both Specter and Scozzafava were RINOs as liberal as any Democrat, but Santorum passed up a pro-life candidate and Newt just counted Republican seats -- as if those folks can be counted on to vote traditional values. And the Republican leadership concedes to the left every time. So my strategy these days is VOTE CONSERVATIVE. If a Republican is liberal no amount of scare mongering by the leadership will get me to support him (or her).  Did Scott Brown stop Obamacare? No! But he was our savior! In reality, he's one more so-called conservative supporting the radical homosexual agenda. He helped repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and invited a hard-core "gay" activist to the bill signing. What did pro-family folks gain with Brown? A kick in the teeth.

Support the good guys and let the bad ones fend for themselves. Don't give them a nickle or your vote, no matter how many Republican flunkies wring their hands and tell you the sky is falling.


Tom Hoefling said...


Shared your article with about ten thousand close moral conservative friends, virtually all of whom have reached the same conclusions.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Get outta here, ya theist moron. Being conservative is so 60s. Nowadays, we value freedom and equality.

Anonymous said...

When will we see the Catholic Church take a real stand against slave labor in China?

The Catholic Church hates gays getting married but is silent when Catholics buy products from China made by near slave labor.

Why they silence?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


"ya theist moron" --- Is that an argument? You must have a tremendous IQ! Bet you belong to Mensa.