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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Relationship between Autism and the Gut Flora

How a Physician Cured her Son's Autism

"The epidemic of autism (and ADD and ADHD)...the underlying condition is abnormal gut floor." The baby has a sterile gut, but picks up the mother's flora on the way through the vagina during birth. In autistic children, the mothers of autistic children have abnormal pathogens in the gut, as do the grandmothers. The increase in autism also corresponds to the decrease in breastfeeding. A large percentage of autistic children were not breast fed. Breast feeding provides some protection, but it stops when breast feeding stops and the abnormal gut flora can thrive.

The contraceptive pill also contributes to increased pathogens in the mother's gut. All the factors that increase abnormal gut flora are getting stronger, not weaker in our society so little ones are at greater risk. Everything depends on how compromised the child's immune system is. Dr. Campbell-McBride also explains why these compromised children are at greater risk from vaccinations. Can they be identified? Yes.

Listen to this fascinating interview especially if you are pregnant.


Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C. said...

Thank you for posting. Another consequnce of contraception. Also, vaccines are made from aborted fetal cells. All Catholics need to realize this.

boinky said...

medically this is nonsense.

Autism was around in the 1950's, long before contraception. But then, it was blamed on "cold mothers" and most cases of what now is called "autism" was diagnosed as mental retardation or childhood schizophrenia and the kids institutionalized.

And no, not all vaccines are made from aborted cells.

summary: Pressure the companies to use ethical ways to produce vaccine, but you are allowed to use the vaccines in the meantime if no alternatives are available because of proportional risk.

One does not become a better catholic by joining mindless conspiracy theories that encourage folks to hate vaccinations that save millions of lives.

I've been a missionary and seen kids die of measles and whooping cough, and am old enough to remember polio epidemics.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't think you can say it's nonsense, Boinky, without a little research. Did you listen to the interview? The doctor didn't say contraception caused autism. She said it contributes to the increased pathogens in the mother's gut and she transfers that to her child. That reduces the child's immune response and makes the child more susceptible to toxicity.

There is certainly serious medical discussion of the relationship between autism and gut health. Here's one source:

The article recognizes that more research needs to be done, but it certainly does not seem to consider the possibility nonsense.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's the full url since it didn't copy correctly in the previous comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that a mother's gut flora causes autism if the flora is abnormal. How it gets abnormal is due to a host of factors present today that were not always present, such as birth control pills, medicated births, c-sections, toxins, junk diet, etc. So if you could ensure healthy guts in mothers, autism would not be the epidemic it is today.