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Monday, July 18, 2011

UVA Medical Center Performs Abortion

The University of Virginia has been using student health funds to finance abortions for years. Should a publicly funded university be doing in-house abortions in the first place? There are two abortion mills in Charlottesville to exploit young coeds. Why should the medical center do abortions?

In addition, do parents financing their children's college education know some of their money may facilitate killing their grandchildren? My husband and I sure didn't when we had two young adults at UVA. But it comes as no surprise, since we could see the school was a haven for sexual promiscuity. On one visit to our daughter's dorm early on a Saturday morning, a young man came out of a room on the "girls' wing" in his underwear and went down to the "girls'" bathroom. The odor of vomit assaulted us at the dorm entrance. UVA was all about partying and fornicating. 
The university has performed over 2600 abortions in the last twenty years.
The secret's out now. The teen center has offered the Morning After Pill like candy to kids as young as thirteen. Since the expose, they say they will restrict it to girls 17 and up. But, get this, they also give MAP to MEN according to Sean Canaan in the interview below!  Exactly what does a man do with MAP? Drop it in his pregnant girlfriend's drink because she won't be sensible and kill the kid? And how can the University dispense the pill not knowing who will get it? I know it's over the counter, so let the students go buy it at the drugstore. Why approve its use by giving it out free?

UVA grudgingly admits medical details about damage to the cervix from abortion, especially repeat abortions, although they hedge. But they completely deny any link to breast cancer which has been thoroughly proven through dozens of studies. (See here.) Women have even won lawsuits against abortionists who failed to inform them of the breast cancer risk. (See here and here.) But UVA doesn't hesitate to misinform women that there is "No" link between abortion and breast cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I'm appalled by this dishonesty! The rise in breast cancer, especially agressive and more deadly forms, corresponds to the easy availability of surgical and chemical abortion. How can medical professionals say with a straight face that artificial hormones increase breast cancer risk and deny the risk of abortion. Some methods involve megadoses of the same drugs used in contraceptives. The dishonesty is mind-boggling!

The spotlight focusing on UVA apparently concerned school officials enough that they posted an article on their website titled Correcting Untruths about Abortion and Contraception at U.Va. It is a self-serving piece that admits the truth of Sean Canaan's accusations, but also includes highly misleading information. They imply they only do abortions for the hard cases but then include "other compelling personal factors." The truth is that 99.9% of abortions have always been for social problems. There is no reason to think the women at UVA, young and healthy for the most part, are having abortions for serious "health" reasons any more than women in the general population. They have them for the same reasons women do everywhere: convenience and fear.

Listen to this interesting show and read the articles below to understand the controversy. Then make your disgust known to UVA officials whose addresses are at the end.

Abortion, Medical Honesty Battle Takes Shape at University of Virginia

Guest Editorial: Plan B and the Morning After pills The truth behind the UVA Health System’s lies

Contacts at UVA

Teresa A. Sullivan, President
University of Virginia
Office of the PresidentPhone: 434-924-3337

Nancy RiversChief of Staff/Associate VP for Administration(434) 982-2662

President's Chief of Staff:
Nancy Rivers

Assistant to the President:
Jon Bowen

Nancy RiversChief of Staff/Associate VP for Administration(434) 982-2662

P.O. Box 400224
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4224

Fax: 434-924-3792

Nancy RiversChief of Staff/Associate VP for Administration(434) 982-2662

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kleigh said...

Not very surprised at all since staff/ Employees like producing fake medical records,x-rays,abuse reports,on children to help Charlottesville,Albemarle DSS/CPS rip families apart and remove children just to get their bonuse checks,while double dipping and keeping the federal funding... of kids for Cash!