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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Black Sheriff Takes on "Top Cop" and Black Caucus on Police Racism

Sheriff David Clarke gets it. Listen to him:

Eric Holder "doesn't want justice for police officers!"

The White House is presenting a portrait of cops who are out to beat up and kill minorities. The black caucus said that the Grand Jury's decision shows that, "Black lives have no value in American and law enforcement can kill black teens with impunity." Sheriff Clarke calls that, "garbage, Megyn, garbage....He (Congressman from the Black Caucus) knows better.....I reject that sort of thing."

"Racism is an explosive issue in this country....It was improving....but that wound has been opened again and some of it is because of the divisive politics that the White House has been playing....fanning the flames of racial discord...class pitting American against American...and people are benefiting politically from it."

The sheriff identifies the real problems: frustration over no jobs, failing schools, living in "entrenched poverty in crime-ridden neighborhoods," etc.

He calls Al Sharpton a charlatan. "When he shows up nothing good happens."

As for the accusation against the police for being racists, listen to the police scanner during the Ferguson riots.

Do you hear any racism in the reporting of the continual crime activity? The looting, the burning, the violence? Listen for awhile. The reports are calm and professional despite the shootings that, in some cases, prevented law enforcement and fire control personnel from doing their jobs. Police had to back off at some locations because they were completely outnumbered. This is life on the streets in Obama's America where blacks are stirred up by politicians and professional provocateurs.

Pray for our poor country!

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