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Thursday, December 25, 2014

What Better Way to Spend Christmas than Saving Babies?

Mary Wagner is an angel sent by God to women considering abortion. Like the angel who rescued Baby Jesus from Herod's murderous soldiers, Mary goes into the temples of human sacrifice and offers women the chance to rescue their babies from Satan's knife wielding minions. Think of the life-long impact Mary has if she saves a mother from forever linking Christmas to the murder of her child. What a gift to save a mother from such a fate.

This Christmas while most of us are in church dressed in our Christmas best or in our warm homes celebrating Christmas joy with our families, Mary will be in an Ontario jail. She will spend her Christmas counseling the inmates and bringing a gentle message of Christ's love. And why is she there? For going into an abortion mill with roses and a message of hope and help.
Not all of us are called to do what Mary Wagner is doing, but I believe we are all called to respect her vocation and support it by our prayers. Like the religious orders formed to rescue slaves from captivity by offering their own bodies in exchange, Mary exchanges her freedom in order to rescue babies from death and their mothers from a lifetime of sorrow. Praise God for such courage that offers each of us a model of sacrificial love.

Why not send Mary a Christmas message. Think of the impact on those in the jail who handle the mail and see the support this woman receives from around the world. Put a pro-life message on the outside of the envelope. And pray that many hearts will be touched by this great woman of God!

Mary Wagner, c/o Vanier Centre for Women prison, P.O.Box 1040, 655 Martin St., Milton, ON, L9T 5E6.

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