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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cut Off the Money to Bad Parishes and Dioceses

I've been saying this for years. The only thing some clergy understand is money. They have more faith in the almighty dollar than in Almighty God. So it's time to strip their idol, Mammon, from the altar. The way to do that? Stop giving. If your pastor spreads the faith, then financially support the parish. If he spreads heresy and persecutes faithful Catholics forget it.

For years, Larry and I have given our donations through the parish development collection because it is not assessed the diocesan tax. We don't give a nickel to the diocese. Does that mean we don't support some good things? Not necessarily. We can give to some of those things individually, e.g., by supporting the diocesan seminary directly or supporting an individual seminarian.

The situation in the Church today is terrible and Jesus knew it would happen. Hey, he had a traitor among his own twelve apostles! Fr. Hardon said often that Jesus did that to prepare us for apostate bishops. And we've certainly got them along with their weak sisters.

God help us. We need vigilant shepherds who protect us from the wolves. Where are they?