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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Catholic Colleges that Aren't (Catholic, that is): Two Thumbs Down for Marquette

Seems that standing up for Catholic orthodoxy is a no-no these days at Marquette University in Milwaukee. Well, it's a Jesuit school, after all, so who can be surprised?

What's the beef? Marquette suspended a tenured professor who dared to support a student who was told by a left-wing teaching assistant/doctoral student, Cheryl Abbate, that he couldn't defend marriage in class because his position was homophobic and might offend gay students. Professor John McAdams, who defended the student's rights describes the original event between the student/teacher and the young man here.


A position on marriage that Jesus held and is the doctrine of the Church is not only unwelcome on a Catholic campus, but if a real professor defends the student he is treated like a terrorist: banned from teaching, banned from campus, banned from faculty committees and activities, and banned from advising students. Goodness...."Off with his head, already!"

I was curious about the student-teacher and looked up her website. It was good for a laugh. She's working on her dissertation titled “Nonresponsible and Innocent Threats: the Search for Liability to Defensive Harm in Forced-Choice Situations.” If you can understand what exactly that means please let me know in the comment section. I have no idea. But perhaps we don't speak the same language. Judging from what she describes as her "first and foremost" interests, I think barking or howling might be a better form of communicating with her:
Cheryl’s research interests are first and foremost Animal Ethics, including how Animal Ethics intersects with Animal Theology, Animal Minds, and Animal Consciousness. Cheryl also pursues research in military ethics, bioethics, environmental ethics, ecofeminism, and feminist philosophy.
She even has a website on animal ethics where she describes its purpose like this:
The purpose of this website is to provide individuals with an introduction to Animal Ethics and Philosophy, specifically, the different ethical frameworks one might embrace when promoting an animal liberation ethic.
From the main page of that website one can explore her views on ecofeminism, Christianity and Animals, etc.  By the time I'd spent half an hour on her websites, I felt like I needed deprogramming. Talk about an extended trip to La-La Land! I think it is an understatement to describe her as a liberal loon! But, hey, she's a welcome addition to a Jebbie school. When she gets her Ph.D. maybe they'll make her the head of the philosophy department.

As for Marquette, I suggest a polite letter to the President copied to the Archbishop of Milwaukee. Persecuting Catholic professors for defending the faith at Catholic schools is outrageous!

You can sign a petition supporting Professor McAdams here.

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