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Friday, December 12, 2014

Is the Pope Really an Expert on "Climate Change?"

The Pope and Al Gore Seem to be on the Same Page

It used to be called global warming until the data became so inconsistent with a warming climate that they had to regroup. So now it has been rechristened "climate change," but the data still doesn't support it. What's supporting environmentalism is political correctness, money (It's all about redistributing income.), and "green is the new red."

Former Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, an economist, said this in 2011:
global warming is a religion conceived to suppress human freedom....It is used to justify an enormous scope for government intervention vis-a-vis the markets and personal freedom.
Amen! Maybe the pope should talk to Klaus before paying allegiance to the church of environmentalism!


Unknown said...

to me

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Comment: Man does not have control of the climate. and with respect the Holy Father has no competence to make these judgments on moral responsibility based on downright false ideas. The earthquake that caused the 2004 tsunami was 9.0; the earthquake that caused the Fukashima nuclear meltdown was also 9.0. Scientists have concluded that the first earthquake jarred the earth off its axis by a significant fraction which combined with the greater weight of the equator pulling on the earth is causing the planet to wobble and change the angle of the axis. Another fact: the magnetic north pole is moving rapidly from north of Canada towards Russia, and scientists have just predicted that this movement will stabilize over where Russia, Mongolia and China meet. (of course, it's the earth that is changing its position due to its leaning towards the equator). Thus HUGE planetary forces are causing climate change, so while it is getting hotter in some places, it is getting colder in others and alternation of extremes. Earthquakes and volcanic activity fit into this. Changes in ocean temperatures also are involved. If the Holy Father would avoid uniformed views on the condition of the earth and familiarize himself on prophecy in the Church he would discover that there are prophecies of a Great SHAKING coming. Moreover, there is just released a new text from the Coimbra monastery written by Sr. Lucia that the flaming tip of an Angel's lance was released and thrown towards the base of the earth's axis (ausing it to wobble?!!). And this was done as a chastisement for mankind's present sinfulness and Christian peoples' apostasy from the Faith. THAT IS HOW HUMANS HAVE A RESPONSABILITY FOR CLIMATE CHANGE! I'm afraid the Evangelicals, like Billy Graham preaching that God has removed his favor from the USA because of turning away from the Lord is right on the mark and the Holy Father on climate change and man's responsibility for it by his carbon footprint or whatever is quite fallible. I think he may be confusing POLUTION with climate change.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Very interesting comment. I'm not a scientist but I'm interested to learn more about earthquakes having the potential to cause the planet to "wobble."