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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For All the Marys of the World

One of my newsletter readers sent the following lovely poem which I just had to share. Enjoy it, especially if your name is Mary.

To a Little Girl Named Mary
by M.H. Kennedy

St. Anne with the child Mary
What a precious name you carry,

Little maid with eyes of blue!
Just to think dear Mother Mary
Shares her holy name with you!

Sweetest name in all the ages,
Loved of God and loved of man;
Honored by all saints and sages
Ever since the world began;

Praised by countless voices ringing
In the bright celestial choirs;
Blessed by little children singing
Hymns of thanks and fond desires;

Gracious with a grace supernal,
Lovely as a morn in May,
With a grace that is eternal
This the name you bear today.

Tis a priceless jewel you carry,
Little girl with eyes so blue;
Yet I know dear Mother Mary
Gladly shares her name with you.

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