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Friday, February 20, 2015

Natural Treatment for Congestion

You can also apply this poultice to the soles of the feet. More info here. With so many people sick with flu like illnesses, this could be helpful. I remember an episode in Catherine Marshall's book Christy (a novel based on her mother's life) where an onion plaster saves a young mom's life. It was a substitute for a mustard plaster. People need to be very careful using these treatments not to burn the person. Next time I get a bad cough I'm going to try one of these natural remedies. Why not? It might save a trip to the ER. I remember a trip to an urgent care facility in Houston when I ended up on a breathing machine. I caught something from my hacking seatmate on the plane and spent half our visit in bed. I wish I'd tried this before going to the urgent care. (N.B. And that's another reason I hate to fly!)

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