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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No Wonder Parents Don't Trust Vaccines

Merck Senior Management Bribes Scientists to Cover Up Fraud

You can read the legal file here.

Interestingly, seven employees of Disneyland fully covered by Merck's MMR vaccine contracted measles anyway. Maybe the mumps portion of the MMR isn't the only problem. Read about it here.

Think about it. The big push is on using the Disneyland situation to introduce the idea of forced vaccination. But if Big Pharma is lying about the efficacy of vaccinations how can any parent assess the value vs. the risks of vaccinations? Vaccines are known to have serious side effects and even kill. See vaccination statistics.   I'm not anti-vaccine by any means, but I find it interesting that we've heard about the Disneyland cases of measles ad nauseum.  How often do we hear about the vaccine disasters like gardasil? There's more money in promoting vaccines than in promoting vaccine safety.

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