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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unbelievable! Fr. Thomas Rosica Threatens Lawsuit against Faithful Catholic Blogger

Yikes! Homosexuals, dissidents, pro-abortion politicians all get a pass from the "we can't judge" crowd, but faithful Catholics reporting public acts and statements are threatened with lawsuits?

What the heck is going on?
Does the pope know this is what one of his high ranking spokesmen is doing? Where is the openness and transparency so emphasized by the pope?

Spread this far and wide. It's time to lift the rock and expose the slimy little critters before they can run for cover. I'm adding the Canadian blogger, David Domet and his blog, Vox Cantoris, to my blog list. And I left a message of support on his Facebook page. Why don't you do the same? You can post at the Vox Cantoris Facebook page.

You can also leave a message at the Vatican. The email address for the Vatican Press Office is Here's what I wrote:
To Our Holy Father:

I am very concerned to hear that Fr. Thomas Rosica has threatened a lawsuit against Canadian Catholic blogger David Demet for reporting public statements Father has made with which he disagrees. You, Holy Father, have encouraged Catholic laity to "make a mess" and have said everything is open for discussion. To then have a high level Vatican adviser threaten a faithful Catholic for doing the very thing you have encouraged laity to do is shocking and despicable. Please stop this travesty and assure Mr. Demet that the threats by Fr. Rosica will not be pursued.

May God give you strength for your difficult mission of guiding the Church in these times.


Mary Ann Kreitzer, President
Catholic Media Coalition
Let's all pray for this faithful Catholic layman and for pharisees at the Vatican like Fr. Rosica.


Ever mindful said...

Well said, and great letter

Anonymous said...

Please consider also to write to the following superiors of Fr. Rosica to express your concerns about this unjust situation.

His Holiness Pope Francis
The Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City, Europe

Thomas Christopher Collins
Cardinal, Archbishop
Chancery Office, 1155 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 1W2, Canada

Fr George Terence Smith, CSB
Superior General
Congregation of St. Basil
95 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3C2, Canada