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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Time out for Grandkids

The world these days is a pretty grim place. With Christians being beheaded by ISIS, wars and violence all over the globe, pornography being mainstreamed in our local theaters....

Well...all I can say is it's important to take time out to forget about all the evil and just play with the little ones. That's what I did yesterday with two of my little granddaughters. We went sledding on our back hill in the middle of a snowstorm and then we made snow ice cream.

We didn't talk about the mess in the Church or the sad state of the world. We stuck out our tongues to catch snowflakes and laughed at the black and white snow dog romping across our sledding track.

Gosh it was fun!

Children truly are the greatest expression of God's love for us -- especially the completely innocent ones, too little to be sinners. Take a break from the miseries of the world and enjoy the company of a child or two or three. Tell knock-knock jokes, sing silly songs, sled down a hill, play cards, read books together, do a puzzle, play dominoes, and, of course, say prayers together. Old fashioned family pleasures are a reminder of what life is meant to be. And for sure what it will be one day in the Kingdom of Heaven.

So enjoy watching my little granddaughter sled down the hill and imagine her grandmother taking her own turn on the saucer with little sister. It was great fun and when we put the girls to bed last night, Anya asked if she can sled again tomorrow. Absolutely!

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