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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rudy Giuliani Pegs It! Obama Does NOT Love America; He Loves the Islamic World

Have you noticed that Obama will never use these two words together -- Islamic terrorism. Even the liberal "drive-by media" notice. The ISIS monsters just need jobs, one stupid administration official told Chris Matthews.

But Rudy Giuliani (I'm no fan of his but he got this right!) pegged the real problem when he said Obama does not love America. The liberals are after him, but it's hard to argue with his comment. "It hit a nerve," Giuliani said.

Giuliani made the comment during an insightful speech on Islam which unfortunately is being lost in the brouhaha over the Obama remark. Two thumbs up to Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal who were pressured to condemn Giuliani's comment and refused. Two thumbs down to Jeb Bush and Rand Paul who ran the other way. Take a look at the speech below and see what you think.

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Anonymous said...

You know Rudy's right when you look at the way he's been attacked. It isn't easy to find the entire video of what Rudy said -- on the other hand the videos of the Rudy pile-on are too numerous to wade through. Glad you found this and posted it. When I saw it on Saturday, I thought the same as you: I don't much like what Giuiliani stands for when it comes to his abortion views but he got it right when he slammed the naked emperor. It is what I'm always yelling at my TV set when the newspeople "ponder" why Obama said this, and why would he do that" like it's a big mystery. "Because he's on their side" is all I can scream before changing the channel to Duck Dynasty.