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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fr. Tom Collins: Do the Bishops Wink at Human Sacrifice to Save the Planet?

Social justice means loving our Sister, Mother
Earth. Didn't you read Laudato Si?
Editor's comment: In view of the upcoming Pan Amazon Synod which promotes a pagan world view putting mankind on the same level as ants, fungus and other forms of life in the rain forest, Fr. Tom's article has particular relevance. 
Are the pope and the bishops so caught up in the politically correct issues of "integral ecology", global warming, etc. that they devalue human life in favor of the life of the planet? And what does that say about the secular social justice agenda? 
A few weeks ago I asked the question, What is Social Justice Anyway? If you asked your bishop that question, what do you think he would say? 


Over the past century, the secularist social justice agenda has become an important point of reference for Church leaders in America, as they have sought to address the numerous evils threatening the integrity and cohesion of the social fabric of our nation. This embrace of a secular premise for presenting the sacred teachings of Christ was initially directed by a desire to help more people appreciate the wisdom of the Church’s teaching regarding distributive justice. But over the years, the social justice agenda has incrementally become rather perverted.

An honest evaluation of the agenda will show that it has degenerated to the point where it is now rooted in 1) arousing and appeasing resentments, 2) promoting the incremental imposition of extreme perversions into the mainstream of society, and 3) displacing accountability to the objective standards of virtue and truth with various subjective values, which are determined by ever-evolving standards of political correctness.

The continuing support of this agenda by many Church leaders is rather disturbing. This came home to me in reading the response of so many bishops to the mass murder, which took place in El Paso. The bishops were quite vocal in decrying the murder of fewer than twenty Hispanics in a Wal-Mart, but they were careful not to mention the more than two hundred Hispanic babies killed that day in aborticide clinics around the country. It makes a one wonder. Is there, perhaps, a fourth dimension of the social justice agenda? Specifically, it is worth noting that many of the ancient Israelites were drawn to practice child sacrifice in honor of Moloch. They bought into the lie that such sacrifices were essential for guaranteeing fruitful harvests and prosperity. Likewise, the ancient Aztecs brutally murdered hundreds of people each day in honor of their sun god, in order to ensure good harvests and material prosperity. In our more refined civilization, though, in the name of social justice and a reproductive “right to choose”, we now carry out large scale human sacrifice by the use of contraceptives and aborticide to ensure our material, social and personal prosperity.

The acquiescence of many of our bishops to pro-actively pro-aborticide Catholic politicians, who regularly and publicly assert that faithful Catholics may support aborticide, strongly indicates that these bishops do not really find such human sacrifice all that repugnant. If contraception and aborticide are allegedly helping to save our planet and promote human progress, it seems that these bishops agree that support for pre-natal human sacrifice is indeed permissible for Catholics. This impression is further confirmed by the way that, over the past half century, a large number of pro-aborticide politicians have been given high ecclesiastical and academic honors by Church officials for their social justice work.

Sadly, when the bishops decided to disregard the eternal call to Godly righteousness for the sake of embracing the secular agenda of social justice, they unleashed a tsunami of perversion on all of us. And they themselves were drawn into that perversion, as they, for more than fifty years, carefully set up various “privileged sanctuaries” and “safe environments” for the perverted predatory priests and prelates among them.


badass bernie said...

Susan Matthiesen said...

You are correct because the eco-people want to go back to nothingness, to a planet devoid of people, even though God said to be fruitful and multiply.

Has anyone been up in a plane lately? Look down at the earth from an airplane and what do you see? Nothing! For miles and miles there are no towns, no roads, no houses, no people. Spoiler alert! Most of the open land is owned by the state or government and no one can live there. They force people into cities then say that there is overcrowding...and in all the statistics they say how many people are born, yet don't say how many die each day.

God is not cruel. He would not tell us to be fruitful and multiply without making sure we had ample space.

So the Amazon Synod is perfect for this agenda. Go native, go back, waaaay back before civilization and Christianity because primitive is better, more pure, more pristine and all we have to worry about is appeasing the earth gods by killing children so there will be more fruit on the trees for the few people left to eat.

So yes, people of the Left, including clerics in the Catholic Church, think that child sacrifice is just the thing to get us back to the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve had children and before God spoke those terrible words about being fruitful. Maybe He just meant that the trees should bear more fruit so that Adam and Eve would have plenty to eat?