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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Meditation: In honor of Mother Mary

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badass bernie said...


Truth to Freedom 2
August 18, 2019
Our spiritual soul is who we really are. We human beings are spiritual beings,that use our
physical material bodies to interact and interface with the physical material world that we find
ourselves in. We find ourselves in this material world.--"we didn't do it our way"
We are spiritual beings. You can't see our mind or our free will under a microscope.We
can't put our finger on or locate our mind and/or free will in any part of our body.
Our DNA,brain,senses, are material parts of our material physical body.
We know we have a spiritual soul(mind and free will) every time we learn-know something.
Also we know we have a spiritual free will every time we choose to act or not to act,and we
choose this thing rather than that thing.
Some deny or question that we are a spiritual beings by pointing out the enormity and vastness of our universe.They fail to understand that the gigantic universe we find ourselves in is all
physical and material.The universe does not govern itself but is governed by laws of
nature(gravity,etc) installed by the Creator of the universe,when the universe was created.
The volcano doesn"t choose to erupt,it erupts when the laws of nature force it to erupt.
The volcano does't know it's a volcano,the ocean doesn't know it's an ocean,the mountain
doesn't know it's a mountain,the dog doesn't know it's a dog,a rhinoceros doesn't know it's a
rhinoceros.A human being knows,or should know,he/she is a human being.
If we didn't have a spiritual soul we would be similar to apes.We would be driven by our
senses/ and not by.our mind and free will.We would live by our senses--sight,touch,hearing,
mobility,sex,etc.We would not have a notion of design,order,moral values or virtues.