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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fr. Tom Collins talks about Truth and Lies.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”
                 John Pilger – Attorney for Julian Assange

As the McCarrick scandal has dramatized, this observation seems to apply even to Church government, some of whose members continue to penalize those who have dared to expose the truth about how various ecclesiastical “safe environments” have been provided over the years to give canonical and legal protection to predatory priests and prelates.

The revelation of truth hinders their efforts to gradually degrade the ability of Catholics to distinguish between the Kingdom of God and the New World Order and its Culture of Desecration and Death. So those revealing the need for serious repentance and reform in the hierarchy, as well as among the laity, are marginalized and condemned by the leaders of “the Church of Nice” – otherwise known as the Church Milquetoast. After all, there is apparently no need for serious repentance, since we all allegedly have “a reasonable hope” of attaining eternal life.

Heaven thus is presented not as the fruit of humbly cooperating with God’s gracious mercy, but rather as the ultimate entitlement program. 

Sadly, it looks like many souls, who have been led to presume upon God’s mercy, rather than humbly and gratefully cooperate with His mercy, may be shocked to hear the words “Surprise, surprise!” proclaimed by the Gomer Pyle demon as they enter the gates of
eternal damnation.

God save us!

Fr. Tom

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Chriss Rainey said...

God bless you, Fr. Tom.